Other Emergency Communications Trailers:

ECT-LITE Emergency Communications Trailer
ECT20 Emeregency Communications

 satellite Internet communications trailer
  • Satellite Communications Trailer works with any antenna - AVL, Winegard, MotoSAT, C-Com, etc. - up to 1.8 meters
  • Locking equipment cabinet
  • Locking generator cabinet
  • Thermostatically controlled, filtered ventilation system for equipment cabinet
  • 12 RU of Shock mounted 19" rack space
  • Integrated stabilizing jacks
  • 4 Stroke 1000 Watt Honda backup generator with fuel can storage
  • Dimensions: 45"H X 138"L X 65"W
  • Weight without antenna: 860 lbs
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communications trailer with broadband satellite trailer with satellite internet antenna deployed
Left side communications trailer with satellite antenna deployed
Communications trailer right side with satellite Internet system deployed
Trailer in service with dish deployed
Setup and online within 7 minutes
Dish down and trailer ready to travel in 4 minutes
Filtered ventilation system for satellite Internet system on communications trailer
satellite trailer for communications in emergencies
broadband communications  trailer
Outside air filtration intake for ventilation system
Outside air discharge for ventilation system
This trailer's light weight makes it easy to tow behind any vehicle. Available for 2 " or 2 and 5/16" ball
Internet satellite trailer
Satellite Internet communications trailer
rack mount for broadband satellite trailer
12 RU of weatherproof equipment rack space. Plenty of room for routers, VoIP boxes, or any other hardware
Looking straight down into equipment cabinet with switch, satellite positioner, and satellite modem
Mount equipment directly into vertical 19" equipment rack, or attach to vented rack shelf
exhaust fans for satellite ttrailer
ventilation system for broadband satellite trailer
Ventilation exhaust fan
Filtered ventilation intake
Adjustable thermostat for ventilation system
Honda generator - standard on broadband satellite communications trailer
and satellite trailer
shock-mount for racks on satellite Internet trailer
1000W 4-stroke Honda generator
Fuel container storage area
Rubber shock mounting for rack
broadband trailer stabilizer jacks
stabilizer jacks on satellite Internet trailer
locking cabinet on communications trailer
Stabilizing jack deployed
Stabilizing jack stored for travel
Heavy duty key lock and latch for each compartment
Load of satellite communications trailers ready for delivery
Five complete communications trailers with DS840 Winegard satellite Internet antennas ready for delivery.