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Pictured here with a 1.2 meter antenna, the Mobil Satellite Technologies Heavy-Duty Satellite Communications Trailer supports any antenna up to 1.8 meters. This completely self-contained vehicle comes with generator, air compressor, air conditioning & heat, (2) 19" equipment racks, and a pneumatic mast that supports a camera, access point, or other devices.

For easy rack access, there are side doors that allow access to the rear of the rack for equipment installation and maintenance, as well as the two large rear doors that open up to the front of the 19" equipment racks.

This multi-purpose broadband trailer can be equipped with outdoor access points that extend the WiFi broadband connection out as far as one mile, providing high speed Internet connectivity to any device that is in range. Within just a few minutes of arriving, the broadband communications trailer automatically establishes an Internet connection and becomes an instant hotspot, providing high speed access to web, email, VoIP, VPN, and many other applications.

The equipment racks are installed with wire-rope vibration and shock isolators, preventing costly equipment damage. This superior shock resistance allow reliable use and operation in a variety of harsh and rugged environments. All cabinets are secured with locking handles as well as extra security compartment and door latches.

This communications trailer can be used with any of our service plans, including Full-time plans, 10-Day plans, Metered plans, or Dedicated 1:1 satellite bandwidth.



  • Dimensions: 7.5’ Wide x 13’ Long
  • Axle: 5,000 lb.
  • Generator: CumminsOnan 5,000W, gas
  • Fuel Tank: 25 gal CARB certified, external fill
  • HVAC: 8,000 BTU
  • Mast Options: 6-25' or 8-48'
  • Flooring: Commercial-Grade non-slip vinyl
On-board generator for satellite communications trailer
Shore power plug on sideof communications trailer
110VAC outlet on side of satellite trailer
shore power cord storage inside of satellite trailer
satcom trailer stabilozer jacks
Wire rope isolators  for the equipment racks on the broadband trailer
stabilizer jacks removed
AC/DC circuit breaker panel