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Trade Show ECT-14

The best pricing we’ve ever offered on this model emergency trailer.


At the end of 2019, we built an ECT-14 to accompany the MobilSat team to tradeshows across the nation. Then COVID struck. We are now offering this vehicle for sale with no lead time and at a price that won’t last long. This ECT-14 features a DataSat 1200 auto-deploy satellite antenna, Winegard Rayzar HDTV antenna, LED scene lighting, and a pneumatic mast with a Sidewinder PTZ camera. Simply put, this is the best deal you will find for this caliber of emergency communication trailer.

Despite all of the negatives that COVID gave us over the last year, it provided some opportunities. This is an opportunity you simply can’t miss.

Take mobile communications and emergency response to the next level. Boasting a 1.2 meter satellite internet antenna, 2 internal workstations, a 30′ pneumatic mast with a Sidewinder PTZ camera, and wraparound LED scene lighting, this trailer covers all the bases for emergency response communications, while leaving room for future upgrades or additions as the situation requires. 

Providing the efficiency and comfort of an office from practically any location. Both desks are stored vertically to save space and can easily be lifted into place.

Deployed and stowed in about 2 minutes, this pneumatic lift provides a birds-eye view of the surrounding area. Comes with a Sidewinder PTZ camera and 6 roof-mounted lights.

Install equipment and run wires with ease, all without the need for any roof penetrations. Great for cellular terminals, external antennas, or any other mounted equipment.

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