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Pepwave EPX

Pepwave EPX

Extreme Performance SD-WAN Platform

Introducing the industry’s highest performing SD-WAN platform. The Pepwave EPX is a rapidly deployable, powerful, and versatile SD-WAN router that connects a wide range of WAN options from LTE-A and satellite modems to fixed line networks. At a 19″ 2U rack mountable form factor, the Pepwave EPX can combine up to 18 LTE-A connections for absolute connection reliability.

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Future Proof Design

The Pepwave EPX supports a FlexModule, enabling you to customize the platform with your choice of ports, as well as instantly apply new technology as it is released and available. The Peplink team will build additional FlexModules as new technologies such as 5G emerge. Simply insert the new FlexModule and the EPX will become 5G ready- no need to purchase a new device!

Gigabit Bandwidth On-The-Go

In its cellular configuration, the Pepwave EPX is the most powerful wireless SD-WAN router in the industry. It can combine the bandwidth of up to 18 connections, supporting 36 SIM cards and providing gigabits of bandwidth on-the-go.

Combined Public and Commercial Safety LTE

Equipped with a Pepwave EPX, mobile headquarters can combine private LTE, commercial LTE & satellite links to form fast and unbreakable VPN connection both to mobile HQ and to patrol vehicles. With this configuration, patrol vehicles benefit from increased cellular coverage. Even if they are outside the range of one cellular provider, they will still be within the range of others.

Cellular Backup for Regional Offices

With its modular architecture, the Pepwave EPX enables regional offices to add WAN connections of any type as they grow in size. With the ability to add cellular modules, the EPX also provides as much cellular connectivity as needed for the company network to operate at full speed even if land lines lose connectivity.

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