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T-1 Lines

T-1 Leased High Speed Data Lines

T1 lines are common types of leased high-speed data lines used in telecommunications. T1 lines are reserved circuits that operate over either copper or fiber optic cables. T1s are typically rented by organizations at a monthly or yearly rate to connect geographically separated offices for private voice and/or data networking. The high cost of these lines prevents most individuals from leasing them. The T1 standard for data communication was developed by AT&T in the 1960s. T1 leased lines offer data rate of about 1.5 Mbps.

A T1 line typically costs $500 USD or more per month. So-called fractional T1 lines, starting at 128 Kbps, reduce this cost somewhat. The T-1 solution is the most secure solution. The Mobilsat iDirect satellite network is an already highly secure private network, by connecting your headqarters with our teleport via T-1 you will create a completely secure, end-to-end private network path for your data. With T-1 circuit from your headquarters to our teleport, your data never touches the public Internet.

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