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Hotels and Resorts

DIRECTV for Hotels, Motels, and Resorts

Mobil Satellite Technologies provides a broad range of DIRECTV services, wireless network solutions, and high-quality phone systems for hotels all across the USA. We have the experience to provide all your FTG TV for Hotel & Motel needs in one call, and we will install it right the first time at a competitive price.

TV Options That Make Guests Feel At Home

The groundbreaking DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus returns the TV to its rightful place—the focal point for in-room entertainment. Now your guests get over 100 channels of HD programming plus DIRECTV CINEMA®, the premium entertainment library with the latest movies they want to watch, when they want to watch them, and on the best screen available—the hotel room HDTV. DIRECTV CINEMA delivers better, faster on-demand entertainment without taxing your hotel’s internet bandwidth. It reduces long-term broadband costs by minimizing Internet streaming with an on-site video caching server. At the same time, your guests enjoy quality playback with no buffering and instant access to hundreds of movie releases, many available a month before Netflix or Redbox.

More Games, More Guests

Only DIRECTV has the sports packages to attract fans of every stripe. In addition, new DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus customers can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2016 at no extra cost* in all guest rooms, bars, restaurants and lobbies.

Entertainment For Any Size Hotel

The COM2000 is a next-generation HD headend ideal for any size property. A single 48-channel chassis easily expands to support hundreds more. Its small, modular design reduces overall cost per channel by up to 50% for twice the HD channels over our previous solution. Plus, it’s extremely energy efficient, requiring less than 225 watts of power consumption. So you’re saving money in more ways than one, while filling your hotel with premium HD entertainment.

Add-on Sports Packages

Want to expand the DIRECTV offering at your establishment? No problem. Whether it’s NFL or college football, soccer, or baseball, DIRECTV offers access to all of the action across the wide world of sports.

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Mobil Satellite Technologies is a trusted commercial DIRECTV partner. Whether you have one television or hundreds at your establishment, learn about the packages that will work best for you.

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