Satellite TV Service Plans

Satellite Television Service Plans for Business

Mobil Satellite Technologies knows satellite television, and understands the major benefits that a well-structured DIRECTV package and installation can have on your business. From small coffee shops and craft breweries to luxury resorts and cruise lines, practically every business can benefit from a DIRECTV business package. To make the deal even sweeter, DIRECTV are the only service offering the highly-sought NFL Sunday Ticket- a package that provides access to every single out-of-market game, every Sunday, during the NFL season.

For over 20 years Mobil Satellite Technologies has been providing DIRECTV to offices, hotels, multi-dwelling units, buses, ships, trailers, mobile command centers, and RVs. For DIRECTV installation and service, there is no better choice than Mobil Satellite Technologies.

Industries We Serve

Restaurants and Bars

Featuring the exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket, DIRECTV offers everything your bar or restaurant will need to please a diverse client base. For sports bars, we can provide custom sports packages with special pricing to help your establishment bring more customers through the door and create more regulars.

gym with televisions and DIRECTV

Gyms, Shops, and Lobbies

Who knew managing waiting customers could be so easy? A well-placed television with DIRECTV can be the difference between a one-star review and a glowing recommendation. Simply providing something to pay attention to can help reduce the stress associated with waiting, resulting in a higher satisfaction rate and more repeat customers.

Hotels and Resorts

Provide the experiences guests expect at your hotel with a DIRECTV package built specifically for hotels and resorts. Whether you choose a simple television plan or the groundbreaking DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus, your guests will benefit from the superior selection and experience that DIRECTV can provide.

senior citizens watching television

Assisted Living Facilities

Make your assisted living facility feel more like a home with a DIRECTV package. Your residents will get the channels and programs they love, and your facility will get higher occupancy and a higher level of resident satisfaction. You won’t be locked into a cookie cutter plan, either. Work with us to build a solution that will be best for your residents.

Television Satellites for Travelers and RV Owners

There was once a time when travelers had to choose between being connected to their favorite shows and having an untethered life on the road- that time is now gone. With Mobil Satellite Technologies’ broad array of stationary and in-motion satellite television dishes, our customers can stay connected to their favorite shows from practically anywhere in the country. All it takes is an easy to use, self-pointing antenna system. With a click of a button and a few moments, you get the DIRECTV family of channels at your fingertips.


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