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From traditional satellite phones like the Inmarsat IsatPhone2 to spot devices like the Globalstar SPOT X and Iridium GO!, Mobil Satellite Technologies offers a variety of satellite phone solutions for various applications, locations, and usage amounts. Unlike other satellite technology that is either much larger or much more expensive, satellite phones are easily mobile devices capable of being carried around easily and used when needed. The most similar option is the BGAN portal which is about the size of a laptop. While very mobile, BGAN portals are much more expensive and comprehensive- satellite phones and SPOT devices are the best option for simple, fully remote connectivity. 

Offered through our subsidiary Sea-Sat, we break down marine satellite phones into the best three options. If you are looking to get a satellite phone for your boat or yacht and don’t know much about the technology, this is where to start.

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The Inmarsat satellite phone product line has the quality and dependability you expect from Inmarsat, coupled with the world’s most reliable commercial satellite communications network. The IsatPhone2 by Inmarsat sets the standard for a reliable satellite phone.

Tough products chosen by tough customers, the Iridium brand makes satellite phones that are built to last. Iridium offers multiple remote connectivity products to fit your needs, including the new Iridium GO! For government entities, the Iridium 9555 is considered the gold standard.

One of the most diverse service offerings of any satellite phone brand, Globalstar has a device and service plan to fit practically any use and budget. The Globalstar brand offers crystal-clear voice quality, an impressive battery life, and multiple service options depending on where you will be using it and how often. Whatever type of remote connectivity you need, Globalstar has a product that is right for you.

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Satellite Phone Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is satellite phone service? How expensive is a satellite phone?

Much like any other satellite product, the cost of a satellite phone is a combination of the equipment cost and the service cost. Depending on usage amounts, the service cost can quickly outweigh the satellite phone purchase price. Generally, you can expect to spend between $600-$2,000 for a satellite phone or $150-$1,000 for a satellite service messenger (such as the Iridium GO! or the Globalstar SPOT X). 

Which satellite phone network is best?

This is a highly debated question, but some facts are known. The Iridium network offers the most comprehensive satellite phone coverage globally, due to the continuous movement of the 66 satellites within the Iridium network. This ensures that connectivity is accessible anywhere worldwide with no downtime. The weak point for the Inmarsat network is at the poles, where coverage is very spotty or not accessible at all, due to the location of the 3 geostationary Inmarsat satellites being at the equator.

For data reliability while in-network, Inmarsat takes the cake. While the constantly travelling Iridium satellites can cause the occasional dropped call and some variability in signal strength, Inmarsat’s geostationary satellites provide a more consistent connection and signal strength.

Globalstar offers the lowest-cost satellite phones and satellite phone service, but does not have comparable service quality to either Iridium or Inmarsat.

Do coverage rates differ between satellite phone brands?

Yes, significantly. Each main satellite phone brand that Mobil Satellite Technologies offers, including Globalstar, Iridium, and Inmarsat, operate their own service network. Before choosing a satellite phone, be sure to explore the service plan offerings to make sure they are also right for you. 


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