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Mobile Satellite Internet Resources

Emergency Communications for Hurricane Response Teams

Communications for Before, During, and After the Storm When a hurricane is imminent, your team needs to be prepared. Now is the time to think about your communication strategy- not once the storm is upon you. While cell phones will work great before the storm hits, your team will be

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What is a VSAT? Exploring Fixed, Portable, and Marine VSAT Units

VSAT Stands For ‘Very Small Aperture Terminal’ Mobil Satellite Technologies provides all types of VSAT systems for government, commercial, and consumer use. We’ve broken down the different types of VSAT below, but if you know what you’re looking for just follow one of the following links. Technically, VSAT refers to

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Multiple AVL mobile satellite antennas deployed

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Satellite Internet, Satellite TV, VoIP, and VPN Frequently Asked Questions What products does Mobil Satellite Technologies sell? Mobil Satellite Technologies manufactures the DataSat line of mobile satellite antenna systems, which is built to run on our dedicated iDirect network. We also resell for many other manufactures such as AVL, Winegard,

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The Best Marine Internet Equipment for Consumers

If you own a boat or a yacht, you know the frustration of getting away from the coast and realizing you forgot to send that important email. Or you’re trying to connect to the marina hotspot, only to realize that it barely works at all. Whatever the catalyst, you’re probably

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The Best Satellite Phone: Globalstar vs Inmarsat vs Iridium

Thinking about getting a satellite phone? We recommend doing your research. Satellite phones can be anywhere from a few dollars a month to hundreds, with equipment costs varying greatly, too. Different satellite networks have different strong and weak points, and most devices have features that make them unique to the

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