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RV Satellite Internet, Cellular Internet, and TV Solutions

Mobil Satellite Technologies has been a leader in RV internet solutions for over 20 years. Through our comprehensive RV satellite internet, cellular internet, and satellite television packages we are able to provide all of the equipment and service that RV owners need to stay connected on the road. Whether you are trying to surf Facebook while boondocking outside of a national park or stay connected to work during a 6-month trip across the States, we have the best options for your RV and lifestyle.

Which RV Internet Option is Best?

Cellular internet is best for:

  • Travelers that are staying close to large towns and cities, or can adjust their route to stay within cellular range

Satellite internet is best for:

  • Travelers that boondock in national parks and other very secluded areas throughout the country and need to stay connected

Hybrid satellite & cellular is best for:

  • Travelers that want the absolute best internet connectivity regardless of where they are staying

RV Satellite Television

Satellite Television for Travelers

There was once a time when travelers had to choose between being connected to their favorite shows and having an untethered life on the road. Fortunately, that time is now gone. With Mobil Satellite Technologies’ broad array of stationary and in-motion satellite television dishes, our customers can stay connected to their favorite shows from practically anywhere in the country with an easy to use, self-pointing antenna system. With a click of a button and a few moments, you get the DIRECTV family of channels right at your fingertips.

There are two main types of satellite television antennas, Stationary-Automatic and In-Motion. Mobil Satellite Technologies offers a few options for each, ensuring the perfect fit for our customers’ needs and budget.

Stationary Satellite Television Dishes

Much like the name suggests, stationary satellite television antennas only work when the RV is stopped. Once parked, the satellite television dish may be deployed and allowed to lock onto the signal. When the driver is ready to continue on to another location, the dish is stowed while in motion to keep it safe while traveling from place to place.

Stationary satellite dishes are generally much lower cost than in-motion, but don’t allow for television viewing while your RV or camper is moving.

In-Motion Satellite TV Systems

If you have passengers that would like to be connected to their favorite shows while traveling, then an in-motion satellite antenna is for you. With automatic satellite pointing and toggling, transitions from satellite to satellite are practically seamless with minimal disruption. Enjoy one of the main comforts of home from anywhere at any time, whether stopped for the night or trucking it down the highway.

Mobile DIRECTV Service Packages

If you need to stay connected to your favorite shows while you’re on the road, there is no better option than DIRECTV. With multiple packages to choose from, you can make your own satellite television plan that works for you.

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