RV Wi-Fi Internet Plans

The best in mobile cellular internet, period.

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We’ll help you pick the right equipment and the best service plan for your needs.

RV Wi-Fi Internet Plans

The best in mobile cellular internet, period.

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We’ll help you pick the right equipment and the best service plan for your needs.

RV Internet, From Practically Anywhere.

Remote mobile internet just got easier. High gigabyte data plans with no contracts, so you can cancel at any time. We provide your SIM card and a high-end router, giving you access to the best possible connection wherever you travel to. We also provide expert USA-based technical support. Finally, we provide peace of mind. Our company has been around for decades, and is an established leader in mobile communications and RV internet solutions.

RV Internet in 3 Simple Steps


Pick Your Data Plan

Our plans are simple. Choose between 75 and 500 gigabytes of data, on the largest networks in the USA. One low monthly cost, no contracts, and practically unlimited RV internet.

Included in our data plan is our USA-based customer service line and our network management tools. We strive to help you make the most of your internet while you travel.


Get Your Equipment

Purchase the equipment you’ll need and provide a username and password for your new network. We’ve tested many different routers and signal boosters, and only sell the products that work the absolute best for RV internet.

Enterprise Router

With dual SIM slots and the ability to access Band 71, our router is ready for wherever the road takes you.

Add a powerful 5G-ready external antenna to create the ultimate mobile internet package!


Plug In and Start Surfing

We send you all the equipment pre-configured, so just plug it in and enter your password. And… That’s it! Get online and surf, stream, and browse to your heart’s content. If you run into any issues along the way, our dedicated in-office technical support team is here to help. Just give us a phone call, email, or tweet our support account

Cancel anytime after the first two months with 30 days notice. Otherwise, enjoy the best of a life on the road while maintaining some of the comfort and conveniences of home.

Practically Unlimited RV Internet, One Low Monthly Price

Our plans are simple. High gigabyte usage, on one of the nation’s largest networks.

Traveler 100GB

  • 100GB of unmanaged data
  • Choose between 2 networks
  • 6 month contract term

Traveler 75GB

  • 75GB of unmanaged data
  • Largest network in USA
  • 6 month contract term
  • Top speed of 15Mbps

Nomad 500GB

  • 500GB of unmanaged data
  • Access to Band 71 for remote travel​
  • 6 month contract term
  • Data may be managed after 500GB

The MobilSat Difference

Over 20 Years of Experience

Mobil Satellite Technologies has been connecting government entities, large corporations, and travelers for more than 20 years. While we have specialized in satellite internet over much of that time, recently we decided to use our knowledge of mobile internet and our strategic partnerships with cellular providers to give consumers a better option for remote cellular internet.

Proven RV Internet Experts

We’ve been helping RV enthusiasts, fifth wheel owners, and remote travelers stay connected since the founding of our company in 1996. Owned by a family that frequently travels and attends rallies in their RV, MobilSat understands the community and the needs of life on the road. We were even the first to offer an affordable RV-specific satellite antenna that is still hugely popular today.

The Best Cellular Equipment

We are Gold Partners for Peplink, the leading manufacturer of enterprise-grade cellular routers. These routers are trusted by police departments and emergency response crews across the country, and provide the absolute best in connectivity to our remote travelers.

Though we love Peplink products, they aren’t all we provide. We also deal cellular routers from other brands that we have tested and proven to be reliable on the road. If it hasn’t been tested by us, we won’t offer it. Period.

Unrivalled Service Plan

We offer an unbeatable data plan on one of the best networks in the United States, but that’s not all that defines us.

We are the only ones that offer it alongside our multi-SIM enterprise grade routers that offer access to Band-71 for the best in remote data speeds. We’re also the only ones offering it with an external antenna that ensures the best possible data speeds, no matter where you travel to. Not to mention our USA-based technical support team, which is second to none. That is the MobilSat difference, and that’s something you can’t get anywhere else.

Where We've Been Mentioned

Stories of #MobilSatSuccess

Mobile Cellular Info and Advice

About MobilSat Cellular

Not at all! When you sign up, you’ll choose a name and password for your Wi-Fi signal. We’ll configure it on our end, so all you will have to do is plug it in and connect your devices!

Just like other wireless routers, this unit creates a Wi-Fi signal that you can connect to with your personal devices, such as a smartphone or laptop. However, unlike a normal home router, our service uses one (or multiple) of our cellular network partners to get you connected from anywhere.

Yes! You may return the product within 72 hours for a refund, less the shipping charges, one month of service, and the activation fee. The product must be returned in the original packaging, so make sure not to throw it away!

Before returning it, think about what may be causing it not to work. Our devices are very high quality and have a failure rate of less than 1%, so it is likely one of a few different issues that we cover under Troubleshooting Tips. Look through our guide or give us a call so we can troubleshoot it together!

Our plans range from 20 to 500 gigabytes per month of high priority data. After your high priority data is used, your speeds will be lowered to 3G speeds.

There is no contract! You pay for the first and last month of service upfront, and can choose to cancel your service at any time. All you need to do is provide 30 day notice of cancellation, and you’re all set.

Your router will work with any major service provider in the US. This router is also compatible with international providers, though you’ll need a country-specific SIM card and service plan.

With satellite internet, you have a reliable connection from practically anywhere in the United States, but at the cost of a much higher latency and a generally slower connection. Monthly service plans are also more expensive for satellite, as is the equipment to get started.

Cellular internet relies on the location of cellular towers, so there are plenty of areas across the country that won’t have any connection at all. Speeds are not guaranteed, and change frequently. In addition to proximity to the nearest cell tower, your cellular connection is based on tower congestion. As you travel around, you’ll encounter areas with fantastic connectivity and areas with terrible connectivity. The benefit of cellular is a much lower cost for equipment and service. As long as you use a coverage map before you travel, you’ll know what to expect from your cellular connection and how you can modify your route to get the best connection possible.

While satellite internet is available virtually anywhere in the United States with a view of the southern sky, cellular internet is a bit more tricky. Think about the places you want to travel to in the near future- campgrounds, national parks, small towns- and write them down. With these locations in mind, explore our coverage map to see how our service will line up with your plans.

Troubleshooting Tips

After reaching out to us, we will provide a map of our cellular range that you can use as you travel. If you are covered, your current location will be colored on the map. If it is not covered, you may want to change your route to stay within the cellular network. This should be easy, because our network covers the majority of the United States!

There are a few possible reasons, lets take it step by step!

The first thing to check is your coverage map. If your current address is outside of the coverage range, that is the problem. To fix this, simply move within cellular range. Our network offers extensive coverage across the United States, so you usually don’t have to go far! These maps are not 100% accurate and may become less reliable towards the edges of the network. If you have low speeds and are at the very outskirts of the network, move further inside the range if possible.

Next, think about your time of day and the day of the week. Nights and weekends often have a much higher contention rate, meaning there are more people online trying to get the same data. You may have the highest speeds available at the time, there are just a lot of people trying to get that same data. This will become evident if you stay in the same location for multiple days and notice a trend in data speeds over the course of a day. To fix this, either move to a new location that may have more available bandwidth or try the step below.

Lastly, remove some devices from your router. If you have 10 devices connected, a relatively strong speed may seem much worse than it actually is. Go down to one or two devices that you need that you are currently using, and see if performance improves.

We’re currently writing a process for this, but in the meantime please call our technical support team so they can walk you through how to do it!

Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help! Our support team is available 7 days a week. Give us a call at 757-312-8300 Option 2, send us an email to support@mobilsat.com, or tweet @MobilSatellite and let us know your issue!

Want to Check Your Coverage?

Leave your info below to see which network will work best for you, and to discuss your options with our team of mobile internet experts.

Want to Check Your Coverage?

Leave your info below to see which network will work best for you, and to discuss your options with our team of mobile internet experts.

Ready to Learn More?

Leave your info below and we’ll be in touch shortly to make sure you’re in the network range and a good fit for our service.

Ready to Learn More?

Leave your info below and we’ll be in touch shortly to make sure you’re in the network range and a good fit for our service.

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