Remote Business Locations

Satellite Internet for Remote Business Locations

Whether you are a business owner in a remote location or you have a business that requires constant traveling to secluded areas, Mobil Satellite Technologies has the satellite internet systems to keep you connected no matter where you are. Our unsurpassed network works from anywhere in the USA with a line of sight to the southern sky, providing high quality broadband connection right to your location.

Best Satellite Antenna Options for Remote Locations

Flyaway Satellite Antennas

Mobil Satellite Technologies provides flyaway satellites to satisfy all uses and all budgets. Deployed in only a few minutes and housed in 2-3 large cases, our flyaway systems are capable of being deployed practically anywhere to provide reliable, constant broadband connectivity.

With flyaway systems by MobilSat, C-COM, Winegard, and AVL, we have all of the best systems to meet your exact needs.

Recommended Flyaway Satellite Dishes

Mobile Satellite Antennas

No matter where you are, stay connected. With just a click, our collection of mobile satellite antenna systems lock on to the satellite and provide you with a reliable, stable internet connection from practically anywhere in North America. Available on both the iDirect and ViaSat networks and with dish sizes ranging from .75 meters to 1.2 meters, Mobil Satellite Technologies has the perfect satellite internet dish to fit your unique needs.

Recommended Mobile Satellite Dishes

Rental Satellite Equipment

At Mobil Satellite Technologies we maintain a large rental fleet of auto-deploying Flyaway VSAT antennas that are available for shared and dedicated broadband connectivity for promotional & special events, temporary deployments, sporting events, media streaming, or any other occasion that requires a temporary satellite broadband connection that can be easily established by a non-technical end user at any location.

Connectivity From Anywhere

Ku-Band Coverage Map

Ka-Band Coverage Map

Explore Service Options

Your business needs are unique, so our plans should be, too. With over 100 service plans offered on our iDirect network, there is something to fit any budget and need. Below are some of the most frequent choices for remote business users, though we would recommend talking to a satellite specialist to determine your best option.

In addition to our privately-managed iDirect service plans, we also offer ViaSat and HughesNet service plans.

Metered- Pay for what you use

  • Set amount of throughput, charges for additional use per MB
  • 24-month commitment
  • Ku-band satellite system

Enterprise Plans

  • Wide range of plans for all business sizes and needs
  • Reliable connection from anywhere
  • Ku-band satellite system

HTS Plans

  • 5 Mbps Max Upload, 18 Mbps Max Download
  • Ka-band satellite system

Access Plans

  • 4 unique plans to choose from
  • Ka-band satellite system

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