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Public Safety and First Response

Emergency Response Satellite Internet for First Responders

When disaster strikes, you need a reliable communication system. Satellite-based emergency communications systems are not affected by any local conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, or any other man-made or natural event. As long as you have a clear view of the southern sky, satellite internet systems will keep you connected when everything else fails.

Maintain Communications in Disaster Areas

Reliable broadband data, voice, and video are all possible under even the most extreme emergency conditions with satellite internet. Mobil Satellite Technologies is an authorized dealer for more of the world’s satellite communications brands than anybody else, offering satellite telephone, BGAN, and VSAT antennas for land and on the water. Whatever the mission, we have a satellite communications solution that will get the job done.

Self-Contained Emergency Communication Trailers

When disaster strikes and communication lines are down, our emergency communication trailers provide a reliable communication channel to the outside world. With three main models that can be customized to meet your exact needs, Mobil Satellite Technologies ECT Series trailers are built to operate in the harshest of environments while providing the most reliable of service.

With a full line of ECT’s from small, open-bed models up to 20′ mobile workstations, Mobil Satellite Technologies can customize a trailer for your specific needs. Mobile satellite antennas up to 1.2 meters can be installed and paired with one of our many service plans on either the Ku-band or Ka-band network. 

Communication Trailer Features

Multiple Base Options To Pick From

Different base options to best fit your budget and your communication needs.

Choose Your Antenna and Service Plan

Can be combined with any of our service plans to ensure the connection that you need.

Customizable Interior To Fit Your Needs

Have certain requirements for your comm trailer? We can accomodate most requests.

Public Safety Service Plans

We get it, you don’t need our service all the time- but when you need it, you need it to work. Our public safety satellite internet packages are 10-day plans designed to be budget friendly for when you don’t need it and comprehensive for when you do. When disaster strikes, our equipment and service plans are ready to deploy, providing reliable and strong connection when primary and secondary communication channels are down.

Entry Responder

  • For smaller public safety agencies
  • 128-200 Kbps max upload, 1-1.5Mbps CIR download

Emergency Mobile

  • Only available to qualified public safety organizations
  • 768 kbps max upload, 2-5 Mbps max download
  • 10 day plans


  • Only available to qualified public safety organizations
  • 4 Mbps max upload, 10-20 Mbps max download
  • 10 day plans

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