Portable Satellite Internet Systems

Flyaway Satellites, BGANs, and Satellite Phones

If you need satellite internet in the most remote of areas, then we have the solutions for you. Our portable satellite solutions offer a broad range of portability, service areas, and service plans to best fit your needs. Mobil Satellite Technology has been an established leader in the remote satellite field for nearly 20 years, and has the equipment and service to keep your team connected.

Types of Portable Satellite Systems

Flyaway Satellite Systems – Flyaway satellites are mobile satellite antennas that have been deconstructed and installed into one or more ruggedized cases for easy transporting. Flyaway satellite antennas come with everything you need to quickly deploy and get internet access from anywhere in the field. While they are portable, they are not necessarily lightweight- flyaway satellites can be over 100 pounds per case and can be made up of a few cases depending on the size of the antenna. 

BGAN Terminals – BGAN terminals are about the size of a laptop and can be deployed in minutes for near-global satellite internet coverage. Internet speeds are generally not particularly fast, but do allow for simple web browsing and sending or receiving emails. Set up is very simple- just turn on the BGAN, point it in the direction of the satellite, and connect the BGAN to the device you are going to use. 

Satellite Phones – For areas without reliable cell coverage, satellite phones are needed to keep in touch with the outside world. Using a network of 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites or a few geostationary satellites, the main satellite phone providers are able to provide global or near-global coverage. 

FLDataSat flyaway satellite on a mobile operation center

Flyaway Systems

Full satellite systems that can be transported easily and deployed quickly.

BGAN internet service

BGAN Products

Carries with you and can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

satellite phone service

Satellite Phones

Keep in touch, even when you are out in the most remote areas.


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