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Oil and Gas Industry Satellite Internet

Reliable Communications for Oil and Gas Clients

Whether you’re an exploration team, operating a petroleum tanker fleet, or installing a new pipeline, the chances are you struggle with reliable broadband internet. Mobil Satellite Technologies strives to put these problems in the past, offering the equipment and service to keep workers in the oil and gas industry connected from anywhere in the world.

Flyaway Satellite Antennas

Mobil Satellite Technologies provides flyaway satellite dishes to satisfy all uses and all budgets. Deployed in only a few minutes and housed in 2-3 large cases, our flyaway systems are capable of being deployed practically anywhere to provide reliable, constant broadband connectivity.

With flyaway systems by MobilSat, C-COM, Winegard, and AVL, we have all of the best systems to meet your exact needs.

Recommended Flyaway Systems for Oil and Gas

Vehicle Mounted Mobile Satellite Dishes

One click separates your team from reliable broadband internet. Wherever you are, deploy one of our mobile satellite dishes and in a few minutes you will be connected. With plans on the iDirect and ViaSat networks and with dish sizes ranging from .75 meters to 1.2 meters, Mobil Satellite Technologies has the perfect plan and equipment to fit your needs.

Recommended Systems

Oil and Gas Satellite System Rentals

If you need remote internet access for a short-term project, a flyaway rental may be your best option. Available by the week, month, or season, our flyaway rental systems provide an affordable short-term solution for your satellite internet needs, and can be paired with any of our many iDirect satellite internet service plans.

Mobil Satellite Technologies is happy to offer special plans for our oil and gas partners- please give us a call, send us a message, or fill out a form using the button at the bottom of this page to learn more.

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