Entertainment and Event Satellite Internet

Bringing Your Remote Event to the World

For events like national political conventions, races, and other sporting competitions there is a big demand for the capability to stream video from locations where adequate bandwidth is not available using the existing local infrastructure. Satellite news trucks use large satellite antennas to stream high-definition, broadcast quality video, although lately the trend in this industry has been toward the use of multiple smaller and more portable satellite Internet upload systems to increase uplink capabilities while lowering vehicle/hardware costs.

Satellite Connectivity for Race Teams

Race team support personnel need reliable Internet connectivity at the race track, and most of the time the fans in the grandstands are using all of the available cellular connectivity, rendering cellular modems and air cards almost useless to race teams. Drivers want fast Internet in their private coaches, and team managers want fast Internet in the pit boxes. Automatic satellite Internet systems deliver this in just minnutes at any track or location. Vendors at these events also need Internet connectivity to process credit card transactions for the sale of food, beverages, and souvenier merchandise.

Though we offer both iDirect and ViaSat satellite internet service, we would recommend using either a dedicated 1:1 uncontended bandwidth plan or a enterprise plan through our iDirect network. 

While the ViaSat network is comprised of many different satellites that provide spot-beams of satellite connectivity, the iDirect network only has two much larger satellites that provide service for the entire nation. Under normal usage the ViaSat satellites can provide a higher upload and download speed, but when contested heavily- such as, say, during a large event- the satellite may not be able to provide adequate speeds. 

Using an iDirect dedicated plan, you will have access to exactly what you need to ensure your broadcast can go on without a hitch!

iDirect Satellite Internet Options

Enterprise Plans

These low-contention service plans are great for organizations requiring continual satellite internet access on a low-contention plan. A .84 meter antenna is required, though larger antennas are recommended. For streaming and broadcasting, additional CIR (Committed Information Rate) should be purchased to insure the highest quality when using these applications without degrading the quality of service of the network. You may not be able to use applications like these without contacting Mobilsat and arranging for CIR. CIR is $5/per Kbps- please contact us to discuss your CIR needs for your application.

Full-Time Unlimited

  • Shared Low Contention Service
  • 256-768 kbps Max Upload
  • 1024-2056 kbps Max Download
  • Min Antenna Size .84 Meter

Business Economy

  • Enterprise-Grade for Light Usage
  • 128-200 kbps Max Upload
  • 1024-1500 kbps Max Download
  • Min Antenna Size .84 Meter
For Light Usage

Dedicated 1:1 with Uncontended Bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth is available by the hour, day, or week, and is on an uncontended bandwidth for optimal, guaranteed upload and download speeds. Dedicated bandwidth can be activated 7 days per week, 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For after hours activations there is a $100 per incident charge

Hourly Rates

  • 4 Mbps Max Upload
  • 5 Mbps Max Download
  • Customizable Plans

Daily Rates

  • 4 Mbps Max Upload
  • 5 Mbps Max Download
  • Customizable Plans

Weekly Rates

  • 4 Mbps Max Upload
  • 5 Mbps Max Upload
  • Customizable Plans


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