Disaster Response Mobile Satellite Internet

Disaster Response Satellite Internet Connectivity

Reliable broadband data, voice, and video are all possible under even the most extreme emergency conditions with emergency satellite communications. Mobil Satellite Technologies is an authorized dealer for more of the worlds satellite communications brands than anybody else, including satellite telephone, BGAN, and VSAT antennas for land and on the water. Whatever the mission, we have an emergency satellite commuincations solution that will get the job done.

Internet Connectivity, Regardless of the Circumstances

Satellite emergency communications systems are not affected by any local conditions like hurricane, tornado, flooding, accidental cable cut, or any other man-made or natural event. As long as you have a clear view of the Southern sky, a satellite-based emergency communications system will always be functional and meets all Federal and States requirements for fully interoperable emergency communications equipment.

For disaster response, our ECT line simply can’t be beat. Versatile and customizable, you choose what features you need and we make it happen. If you are only looking for a satellite antenna, we offer a wide range of products from AVL, C-COM iNetVu, MobilSat, and Winegard.

Emergency Communication Trailers by MobilSat

Our smallest, most straightforward emergency communications trailer. The ECT-LITE works with any antenna brand, including MobilSat, AVL, Winegard, and C-COM iNetVu. 

This multi-purpose broadband trailer can be equipped with outdoor access points that extend the WiFi broadband connection out as far as one mile. Within just a few minutes of arriving, the broadband communications trailer automatically establishes an Internet connection and becomes an instant hotspot, providing high speed access to web, email, VoIP, VPN, and many other applications.

Our largest, most comprehensive emergency communications trailer. Coming standard with a diesel generator and two internal workstations, the ECT-20 is fully customizable to your specific needs while boasting a full array of standard offerings.

Mobil Satellite Technologies is an authorized dealer for every major national brand of mobile satellite Internet antennas, so we are sure to have an antenna that fits your vehicle and your budget. All systems operate with the touch of a single button, and deliver high quality broadband wherever you are, and whatever the mission. With satellite antennas from MobilSat, Winegard, AVL, and  C-COM, we can provide systems from .75m to 1.2m on both the iDirect and Viasat networks. 

iDirect Ku-Band Service Map

ViaSat Ka-Band Service Map

Satellite Internet Service Plans for Emergency Response


  • Available to Qualified Public Safety Organizations Only
  • 10 Day Plans
  • 768 kbps-2 Mbps Max Upload
  • 2-5 Mbps Max Download
  • Min Antenna Size .84 Meter


  • Available to Qualified Public Safety Organizations Only
  • 10 Day Plans
  • 4 Mbps Max Upload
  • 10-20 Mbps Max Download
  • Min Antenna Size 1.2 Meter

Entry Responder

  • For Smaller Public-Safety Agencies with Limited Budgets
  • Emergency Upgrade Available
  • 128-200 kbps Max Upload
  • 1024-1500 kbps CIR Down
  • Min Antenna Size .84 Meter

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