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Satellite Internet Antennas

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MobilSat has been matching satellite equipment to customers’ needs for 25 years. We take your unique needs into consideration- location, bandwidth, sizes, budget, and more- and recommend the equipment that is best for you. If you’re not familiar with satellite internet, some of this can get confusing. We have much more information below, but we recommend either giving us a call, submitting a form, or chatting with us using the bubble in the bottom right so we can walk through this together.

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At the intersection of affordable, dependable, and simple lives the DataSat mobile satellite product line by MobilSat. Our 840 is the most affordable entry-level mobile satellite system available, and our 1200 boasts unbeatable speeds and unrivaled reliability.

Simply put, AvL is the gold standard. Boasting Cable Drive technology and capable to be used under even the most trying of conditions, AvL is the best option for large commercial or government applications.

iNetVu antennas are the world’s most popular one-button, motorized, auto-acquire VSAT System. Ranging in size from 75 centimeters to 1.8 meters, iNetVu has a system to match practically any use.

Offering one of the best values for a ViaSat mobile satellite antenna and one of the most durable iDirect mobile antennas on the market, Winegard continues solidifying their reputation for quality and dependability.

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