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Marine Satellite Phones

The Best Satellite Phones for Boating and Sailing

Life on the water just got a bit more connected.

When traveling offshore, you don’t have too many options. Satellite antennas help you stay connected, but the equipment is large and expensive with restrictive service plans. Cellular is great and affordable, but requires you to stay close to shore. For simple communications at an affordable price, there is only one option- sea-ready satellite phones. Though they won’t allow streaming or any real web surfing, they will provide a much-needed safety net for when you’re out of cellular range. 

Offshore Spot Devices and Location Trackers

Simple handheld devices that allow location sharing, SOS, and very simple messaging. Spot devices offer the most affordable solution for marine connectivity, both by equipment cost and by monthly service cost. Though the features are limited, marine spot devices provide the perfect safety net for occasional off-shore voyages. 

A handheld device made for safety-at-sea. Featuring a full keyboard and a large screen, the Globalstar SPOT X is easy to set up and even simpler to use. Prepare regular location updates to a list of contacts or send custom messages as needed. If you get into trouble, press the SOS button to get help fast.

One of the most simple spot devices on the market. Keep it active on your boat in Marine Mode to be notified of any movements while you are on land. Create preset messages and send them with the touch of a button, send custom messages, regular location updates, or notify rescue operations using the SOS button.

A small device that can be stored anywhere and used easily. Similar to the Iridium GO!, the Bivy Stick operates mainly through a phone app with a few buttons on the device as well. Use the device to send preset messages or issue an SOS, and use the app to send custom messages or check the weather.

Marine-Ready Satellite Phones

Traditional satellite phones that operate just like a cell phone, but can work from practically anywhere. Call and text as you cruise around, without worrying about losing connection as you venture far off-shore. If you run into trouble, both devices have an SOS feature for contacting emergency rescue. While not specifically built for the water, both are IP67 rated and work great in a marine environment.

One of the most trusted satellite phone on the market for mariners and remote adventurers alike. The IsatPhone 2 is provides reliable voice communications in any weather conditions, and can be used for calling, texting, and GPS services. The IsatPhone 2 also has the best battery life on the market, ensuring it will be ready when you need it.

The new Iridium 9555 is smaller and sturdier, built for a life on the water. Backed by the largest satellite network in the world, the Iridium 9555 has the ease of use you would expect from a cell phone in a globally-usable package. In addition to calling and texting, the Iridium 9555 allows for email messaging as well. 

When connected to your cell phone via Bluetooth, you’ll have the ability to call, text, and email from anywhere in the world! Through Iridium GO! applications you can also visit certain web pages, check the weather, set up location tracking, and more. The Iridium GO! is the most comprehensive option for at-sea satellite phone connectivity, offering features that aren’t available with other devices. 

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