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Sea Tel Marine Satellite Internet Antennas

For many yachts and commercial vessels, SeaTel marine stabilized antennas are the very best choice for at-sea broadband internet access. All Cobham Sea Tel products now have a 24 month warranty period, covering parts and labor for 24 months from the installation date.

Sea Tel SAILOR Series

3-axis stabilized marine VSAT systems that are compact in size but big in features. These Ku-band antennas are built to withstand the harsh conditions of sea voyages and can be quickly installed on a broad range of vessels.

Sea Tel 5012 and 6012

The two largest marine satellite internet antennas manufactured by Sea Tel. The 5012 and 6012 are designed to meet the demanding maritime communication needs of the 21st century.

Available Sea Tel Mobile Antennas

Sea Tel Service Plans Through SEASAT

SeaSat is the marine satellite internet service of Mobil Satellite Technologies. Utilizing the strong bandwidth of our Ku-band network, we can provide some of the most affordable rates available on the market for internet at sea.

SeaSat Sport

$ 329 per Month
  • 384Kbps download speed
  • 128Kbps upload speed
  • minimum .75m antenna size

SeaSat Business

$ 449 per Month
  • 768Kbps download speed
  • 192Kbps upload speed
  • minimum .75m antenna size

SeaSat Gold

$ 649 per Month
  • 1024Kbps download speed
  • 256Kbps upload speed
  • minimum .75m antenna size

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