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Marine Satellite Internet and TV

Maritime Communication - Mobile, Voice, Data, and Internet at Sea

Just because you are away from land doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected. Mobil Satellite Technologies provides a broad range of marine VSAT satellite internet systems and television dishes to help you stay connected on the water. With top-of-the-line products from Sea Tel, KVH, and Intellian, we have everything you need for reliable marine broadband internet and television.

Satellite and Cellular Marine Internet

There are more options than ever before for broadband marine satellite internet. Your usage, the size of your boat, and the areas you generally sail to all play a factor in the best service plan and marine VSAT for your needs. We recommend exploring what we have to offer, then giving us a call to discuss your options a bit more in-depth. We are always happy to provide our expertise and a no-obligation quote to yacht and boat owners looking for better connection while at sea.

Marine Satellite Internet Dish Manufacturers

For many yachts and commercial vessels, Sea Tel marine stabilized antennas are the very best choice for at-sea broadband internet access. All Sea Tel by Cobham products now have a 24 month warranty period for all parts and labor.

Stay connected while onboard your boat or yacht. KVH provides high-quality, always-on broadband data service and exceptional VSAT marine antennas for superior marine connectivity.

The Intellian v-Series of antennas have been developed to meet the highest product standards for satellite systems in the marine market. The built-in GPS and auto-skew angle control is used to acquire the satellite signal faster and other built-in controls allow you to optimize the strength of the signal.

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Cellular Wi-Fi for Inland Waterways and Near Shore

MobilSat offers a complete marine cellular internet system perfect for boat owners traveling close to shore. Featuring an enterprise-grade outdoor router, marine signal extender, and MobilSat’s affordable service plans, this is the best deal for travelers that aren’t going too far out to sea.

Satellite TV on Yachts and Cruise Ships

For boats up to 150 feet, the most popular at-sea satellite TV antennas are SeaTel and KVH. Each marine satellite antenna manufacturer offers options for every type of vessel, from small boats up to cruise ships. Every antenna has it’s own particular characteristics of size, weight, and performance. Both SeaTel and KVH offer marine satellite TV antennas that are standard definition and marine satellite TV antennas that receive high definition programming. Some antennas offer global marine satellite TV coverage and some are for use only in the USA.

Marine Television Antenna Manufacturers

SAILOR Satellite TV systems combine rugged materials with advanced tracking technology to deliver the performance professionals depend on out in the open sea. You can depend on the Sailor antennas to deliver satellite TV in even the most demanding applications.

Designed and manufactured by the experts at KVH, the leader in marine satellite TV for more than 20 years, TracVision® systems enable everyone onboard to enjoy hundreds of digital TV, movie, and music channels through regional satellite services around the globe. When it comes to marine television, KVH is the best.

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