SeaTel 4012 marine internet antenna

5012 VSAT

The Sea Tel 5012 VSAT is a fully optimised 1.2m antenna system designed to meet the demanding maritime communication needs of the 21st century. IMA electronics and innovative design combine to ensure it improves on the performance of Sea Tel's industry leading 5009 marine stabilized antenna system, on which it is based.

The state-of-the-art Sea Tel 5012 VSAT comes in a frequency tuned 1.68m (66") radome. It features the best and most efficient pointing accuracy in the maritime market, which ensures your ability to reliably use high throughput email, web browsing, data transfer, VPN, videoconferencing and technical IP applications.

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SeaTel 5012 marine satellite Internet VSAT antenna

5012 Specifications

Reflector size 1.24m (50in) D Ring focus
Radome Dimension 1.71m/67.2" D x 1.77m/70" H
Tx Frequency (Ku-band) 13.75-14.5 G
Rx Frequency(Ku-band) 10.7-12.75 G
Tx Gains (Ku-band) 43.5dBi@14.25GH
Rx Gains (Ku-band)
G/T calculated)
20.0dB/k(Clear Sky, 30° elevation )
FCC Input Power Spectral Density Limitation
-14 .0 d BW/4 K H
BUCs 8W & 16W LBUC, 8W mini and others
Pedestal Type
3 axis
Azimuth Unlimited
Elevation Joint Angle -15° to +115
182kg /400 lbs.
Linear cross-pol or co-pol
(selectable from below degrees pitch
Stability Accuracy 0.1° RMS