Stay connected while onboard your boat or yacht! High-quality, always-one broadband data. Marine Satellite Internet Solutions you can count on from KVH.


KVH TracPhone V3-IP with mini-VSAT Maritime Broadband

KVH TracPhone V3-IP

If you cruise and travel outside the US Coastal and US Inland waters, you can stay connected with high speed maritime satellite Internet so you can spend more time onboard your boat or yacht doing what you like to do! .

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KVH TracPhone V7 & V7-IP with mini-VSAT Maritime Broadband

KVH TracPhone V7 & V7-IP

Bring your connected life onboard with KVH’s compact 60 cm (24 inch) diameter TracPhone V7-IP antenna and the worldwide mini-VSAT Broadband network.

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KVH TracPhone V11-IP with mini-VSAT Marine Broadband Service

KVH TracPhone V11-IP

TracPhone® V11-IP uses one compact 1.1 meter (42.5 inch) diameter antenna to effortlessly access the C- and Ku-band satellites.

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KVH FB-150 maritime broadband antenna

KVH FB-150

Bring true broadband Internet connections along for your next trip to sun-drenched harbors and distant locales with KVH’s ultra-compact satellite communications system – the TracPhone FB150 with Inmarsat FleetBroadband service.

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KVH FB250 marine satellite Internet antenna

KVH FB-250

The TracPhone FB250 is the perfect solution for owners of leisure yachts who desire or require the same Internet experience at sea that they enjoy at home and in the office.

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KVH FB500 maritime satellite Internet antenna

KVH FB-500

Designed to meet the specific needs of luxury yachts, this system operates at the fastest data rates possible with FleetBroadband service.

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KVH TracPhone Fleet One Maritime Broadband

KVH Fleet One - Maritime Internet Antenna

Enjoy the benefit of satellite Internet and phone connections while on the water even from small boats with KVH’s most basic satellite communications antenna system: the TracPhone Fleet One, with Inmarsat airtime service.

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KVH's TracPhone F77 Maritime Internet Antenna

The powerful TracPhone F77 marine satellite communications system provides access to Inmarsat Fleet’s Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) channel and Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) via Inmarsat’s globalbeams, ensuring uninterrupted voice, data, and fax service.

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V3 Pilot Bundle Marine Satellite Internet

TracPhone V3-IP/Iridium Pilot System Bundle

For satellite Internet and phone anywhere in the world, the reliable and economical solution is the KVH TracPhone V3-IP paired with the Iridium Pilot.

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