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KVH TracVision TV1
KVH TracVision TV1

Bring Top Performance and HDTV Onboard with an Ultra-compact Antenna

With its 32 cm (12.5-inch) antenna, the TracVision TV1 marine satellite television system is ideal for smaller boats and coastal cruising or use on inland waterways. An easy-to-use installation wizard and single-cable design make this antenna perfect for fast installations or retrofits.

New Features and Technology from the Leader in Marine Satellite TV
TracVision TV1’s sleek, IP-enabled TV-Hub is the belowdecks powerhouse that makes this advanced system simple to use. The TV-Hub enables a friendly user interface that you can access from any mobile device or laptop, providing system information at your fingertips. Bring the DVB-S2 compatible TracVision TV1 onboard today and start enjoying favorite programming from DIRECTV®, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and select linear Ku-band regional services worldwide.


KVH TracVision TV3
KVH TracVision TV3 With its single-cable design, compact 37 cm (14.5 inch) antenna, and device-friendly user interface, the TracVision TV3 is a snap to install, set up, and use.

The DVB-S2 compatible TracVision TV3 is the perfect solution for single- or multiple-receiver installations. In no time, you’ll be enjoying your favorite television programming, right from your boat.

A great choice for powerboats or sailboats frequenting cruising areas located within 100 nautical miles offshore, the TracVision TV3 supports DIRECTV®, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band regional services worldwide. The IP-enabled TracVision TV-Hub includes built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi for easy interface with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers, giving you system information at your fingertips.


KVH TracVision TV5
KVH TracVision TV5 With 30% greater reception than other 45 cm (18-inch) systems, you’ll enjoy satellite TV reception where few others can provide it. TracVision TV5 offers outstanding high performance tracking and reception, as well as compatibility with DIRECTV® U.S., DIRECTV Latin America, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide.

This rugged system is ideal for sportfishing boats or boats venturing offshore or to the islands.

Sophisticated Technology that’s Simple to Use
With advanced technology from KVH, the leader in marine satellite television, the TracVision TV5 provides fast satellite acquisition no matter what the sea conditions, and stays locked on ensuring excellent performance. For ease of use, KVH integrated simplicity into its sophisticated technology.


KVH TracVision TV6

KVH TracVision TV6

With its IP-enabled TV-Hub, user-friendly interface, and single-cable installation, TracVision TV6 makes it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite television programming no matter where your seagoing adventures take you.

This 60 cm (24-inch) marine satellite television antenna not only provides access to satellite television services worldwide, it supports multiple receivers so everyone onboard can watch what they want.

Advanced Technology from the Leader in Marine Satellite TV
KVH, the leader in marine satellite television for 20 years, has integrated the latest advancements into the TracVision TV6, a versatile system that supports DIRECTV® U.S., DIRECTV Latin America, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide.



KVH TracVision M9

KVH M9 marine satellite TV antenna

KVH’s powerful 32" (82 cm) TracVision M9 satellite TV system equips 80+ ft. yachts with outstanding satellite TV reception (including high-definition programming) and a sleek look that matches today’s streamlined vessels.

Powered by KVH’s exclusive RingFire™ antenna technology, integrated GPS, and fully automatic, stabilized skew adjustment, the TracVision M9 outperforms any similarly sized antenna on the market in rough seas and farther offshore! Plus, a unique mechanical design allows the antenna to be housed in a dome that is 35% smaller than competing systems so it looks great, too. Whether your vessel is at the dock, at anchor, or cruising on the deep blue sea, KVH’s TracVision M9 will bring you hundreds of channels of uninterrupted, crystal-clear digital entertainment with CD-quality sound – in fact, the TracVision M9’s WorldWide TV satellite library is preprogrammed to receive broadcasts from your favorite satellite TV services around the world!

  • Compatible with popular Ku-band HDTV and standard-definition satellite TV programming around the globe
  • KVH’s WorldWide TV satellite library is preprogrammed to track over 70 satellites from popular satellite TV providers around the world, so there’s no need to add them manually
  • Dynamic, stabilized skew control and an exclusive, integrated gyro-stabilized digital compass for the fastest satellite acquisition and unmatched tracking
  • Versatile Master Control Unit for trouble-free set up, easy system monitoring, multi-satellite configuring, and easy switching between satellite TV services
  • Supports automatic satellite switching from your remote control (a KVH exclusive) and multiple TVs and receivers so everyone onboard can enjoy the TV programs they want
  • High-Performance (HP™) DVB® tracking for superior offshore performance in even the most demanding conditions

    Download the KVH Tracvision M-series product brochure here...

KVH marine TV antennas by satellite

KVH TracVision HD7

KVH HD7 high definition marine satelliite Internet antenna

KVH’s new 24" TracVision® HD7 antenna is a breakthrough in maritime satellite TV design, bringing high-definition programming from DIRECTV® to your boat or yacht the same way you enjoy it at home. The rugged TracVision HD7 simultaneously tracks DIRECTV’s Ka- and Ku-band satellites enabling use of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), and offers the best tracking ever from KVH!

Using KVH’s exclusive TriAD™ technology, the TracVision HD7 antenna can receive broadcasts from three DIRECTV satellites at once! These signals are concentrated by the tuned subreflector before reaching KVH’s unique tri-rod dielectric feed, resulting in outstanding reception even as you cruise offshore.

This technology makes it possible for you and your guests to not only watch any channel but also have full DVR support! Now everyone can watch what they want, on whatever TV they want, whenever they want – a great bonus for everyone onboard! Plus, setup and maintenance are a snap with KVH’s new IP-enabled antenna control unit and TracVision iPhone® app.

  • Simultaneous tracking of DIRECTV’s primary Ka- and Ku-band satellites for uninterrupted reception of HD and standard-definition TV
  • KVH’s Single-Wire Multiswitch enables installation of up to 8 HD receivers or 4 HD DVRs with a single RF cable
  • Rack-mountable, IP-enabled ACU with Ethernet connection, built-in WiFi interface, and USB port
  • Exclusive TracVision iPhone App lets you check signal strength, switch to secondary satellites, download antenna software updates, and send information directly to KVH technical support right from your iPhone or iPod® touch
  • Enhanced tracking algorithms and stainless steel bearing construction for the best performing antenna KVH has ever built
  • Identical mounting design as KVH’s TracVision 6/G6 and M7, makes upgrades a breeze

    Download the KVH Tracvision HD7 product brochure Here...

KVH marine TV antennas by satellite

KVH TracVision HD11

KVH HD11 high definition satellite TV antenna

Featuring groundbreaking antenna technology along with several sophisticated new features, the TracVision HD11 allows your customers to travel around the world while switching seamlessly between their favorite satellite TV services and enjoying the easiest-to-use user interface available today.

The TracVision HD11 provides unlimited HD and DVR support, KVH’s exclusive TriAD™ multi-band antenna design for simultaneous tracking of Ka- and Ku-band satellites, and an Internet Protocol-enabled Antenna Control Unit (IPACU) for simple, seamless operation. It uses a four-axis (three-axis plus skew) stabilized smart antenna system that tracks satellites on the horizon, even in far northern latitudes, as well as directly overhead. It offers the highest signal gain in its class, bringing satellite TV programming even farther offshore from television satellites worldwide, including DIRECTV’s North American HDTV service.

  • All-new four-axis pedestal design with robotic direct drive that is stronger and tracks better than competing products
  • Digitally programmable Ku-band LNB for outstanding reception of both linear and circular signals for both standard- and high-definition programming AND support for Ka-band HDTV
  • Advanced RF7 satellite identification, fully integrated DVB-S2 compatibility, and dual tuners, which make the TracVision HD11 the smartest satellite TV system at sea, capable of updating itself when service providers make changes to their satellite parametersintegrated GPS and NMEA 0183 compatibility for even faster satellite acquisition as well as keyhole satellite tracking along the Equator
  • Integrated GSM Remote Support Module for remote diagnostics and support
    Greatest range of motion (-25° to +120°) of any maritime satellite TV system
  • High-performance antenna for outstanding tracking, even in the most grueling maritime environments
  • Convenient web interface and exclusive iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® apps that allow you or your customer to switch satellites, customize the satellite library, check signal strength, download and install antenna software updates, and send information directly to KVH technical support from anywhere onboard

    Download the KVH Tracvision HD11 product brochure Here...