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Marine Satellite Antenna Rentals

Rental Marine Satellite Equipment for Oil Rigs, Wind Farms, and More

If your team is off the grid but needs to maintain communications, MobilSat has the perfect solution. In three simple steps you will have access to our marine satellite rental antenna, expert installation, and reliable service throughout North American waterways. For short-term projects requiring reliable communications, trust MobilSat to keep your vessel connected.


The Maritime Antenna Rental

The SAILOR 900 by Cobham is a 1 meter marine VSAT antenna that features advanced maritime gyrostabilization, the ability to read both Ku and Ka-band, and the highest RF performance in the 1 meter antenna class. Across the board, the Cobham SAILOR 900 delivers and is an excellent antenna for a short-term marine rental satellite dish.


The Equipment Installation

Mobil Satellite Technologies can travel anywhere in the USA to install your marine rental system. Our technicians are trained experts in the field of satellite communications. Rest assured, your rental equipment will be ready to use as soon as we’re done.


The Marine Service Plans

Our marine rental service plans are simple. Part of our SeaSat satellite internet network, your rental will be able to choose from our many metered, enterprise, or dedicated bandwidth plans. Our full list of marine rental plans are available below.

Marine Rental Service Plans

Our main service plans are on a shared network and are capable of speeds up to 10 Mbps download. If you need something a bit more powerful and need fully reliable speeds, our dedicated bandwidth plan is the right option for you. If you are unsure which plan to choose, just give our satellite communications experts a call.

Marine Sport

$ 429 per Month
  • 384 Kbps download speed
  • 128 Kbps upload speed

Marine Silver

$ 589 per Month
  • 768 Kbps download speed
  • 192 Kbps upload speed

Marine Gold

$ 849 per Month
  • 1024 Kbps download speed
  • 256 Kbps upload speed


$ 125 Starting at/ per Mbps/ per hour
  • Up to 26 Mbps download
  • Up to 10 Mbps upload

Applications for Marine Satellite Rentals

While most vessels involved in oil and gas are permanent or semi-permanent, some are required on a short-term basis. MobilSat is able to install, service, and uninstall marine VSAT terminals on oil maintenance vessels of almost any size. Much more economical and simple than purchasing a new system, these marine rentals can be used for a short term project then removed.

Wind farm installation and maintenance is a very intricate, involved process. Many vessels involved in wind turbine installation already have marine VSAT terminals, as well as most regular maintenance vessels. For specialized maintenance or niche application boats, communications equipment may be needed. Rather than spend a ton on a marine antenna that will only be needed for a month or two, MobilSat can provide a marine satellite antenna rental for the duration of your project.

Research expeditions often require quite a bit of equipment that can change from time to time. When traveling far from shore and requiring a reliable satellite internet connection, MobilSat can help. Our affordable marine satellite antenna rentals avoid the hefty cost of buying a new system. Best of all, our team travels across the country for installations and equipment removal, making the process as easy as possible for your team.

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