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Lone Worker Monitoring Devices

Monitor remote teams easily and affordably.

Your remote teams are about to be a bit closer. The Globalstar SPOT, Globalstar SPOT X, and Iridium GO! allow for communication far off the beaten path, without breaking the budget for your business or government agency. Set regular location updates, message back and forth, and receive emergency notifications for field crews far off the beaten path. With satellite connectivity and an easy-to-use interface, Spot devices are helping to make outdoor work safer and more connected. 

Types of Remote worker monitoring

Previous generation Globalstar SPOT device

SPOT Tracking and SOS Devices

Simple, intuitive, reliable. The Globalstar SPOT and Globalstar SPOT Gen4 provide reliable satellite tracking from practically anywhere in the world. Set up regular location updates, or send out emergency messages when help is needed. SPOT devices are an affordable way to keep remote workers connected to the rest of the team.


Handheld Communication Devices

A more robust alternative to simpler SPOT devices. In addition to location tracking and SOS, the SPOT X allow for custom messaging through the device itself and connection to a phone via Bluetooth. The Iridium GO! takes it a step further by allowing simple web browsing and weather checking in addition to location tracking, SOS, and messaging- all through the user’s personal phone.

Iridium Go satellite connectivity device

SPOT Trace Location management

You choose your tracking interval (2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes) and watch the location change as your team moves from A to B. View on your desktop, tablet, or on your mobile device through the Globalstar SPOT app. 

Continue to receive location updates when your team is out on the water. The SPOT service area covers much of the world, though does have spotty service in the middle of the Atlantic, the middle of the Pacific, and the north and south pole. 

SPOT Trace allows you to set up different alerts and notifications for your different remote teams. Managing remote employees has never been safer, simpler, or more organized than with the SPOT Trace.

If your team is in trouble, they’ll be able to reach out for help. Boasting an IP67 rated casing, the SPOT Trace is submersible up to one meter and is resistant to impacts and dust intrusion. Built for any temperature, the device operates from -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Remote Worker Communication Devices

The SPOT X allows you to easily send and receive custom messages or quickly send out an SOS to emergency rescue crews. The Iridium GO! allows texting, calling, and SOS through a cell phone application. With both devices boasting a near-global network of satellites, your employee will be covered wherever they go.

Both the Globalstar SPOT X and the Iridium GO! can be easily connected to a cell phone via Bluetooth. The Iridium GO! is completely used through a phone application, while the Globalstar app provides access to the phone’s contact list. The SPOT X is used just like a cell phone, with typing and sending messages simply completed using the keyboard and screen.

Even in the most remote environments, employees can stay connected to their email correspondence. The Iridium GO! offers phone applications to allow accelerated email messaging and web browsing. For employee tracking, the GAP Lone Worker App ensures you meet your duty of care to your employee and are there for them if they need you.

Built to last under the toughest of circumstances. Boasting an IP67 rated casing, both the Globalstar SPOT X and the Iridium GO! are submersible up to one meter and are resistant to impacts and dust intrusion. Both devices are able to function in a wide temperature range, ensuring that they work when you need them most.

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