• Phone and Internet up in running in minutes
  • Respond to Emergencies Quickly
  • Plugs into to a Outlet or Generator
  • UPS Backup provides up to 1 hour of use without power
  • Customize the Trunks & Extensions to fit your needs
  • Single inbound number


How does it work ?

Base Camp Connect simplifies your communication issues and allows you to obtains voice and data communications without any technical assistance. Which allows first responders to respond to the actual emergency instead of managing the communications.



What trunks are supported?

  • Cellular - 3G/4G Works with most cellular providers
  • Satellite Communications - When in remote areas or cellular towers are down or overloaded
  • Landlines - Base Camp Connect works with both digital and analog when service is down for extended periods of time






Available Features


Wireless Mesh Access Nodes


Each EnGenius Access Point only needs to connect to the nearest node using the best path to transmit data, working collaboratively with other EnGenius Access Points in the network infrastructure. Provides redundant and robust connectivity for wireless deployments.








Digital Phones

Used as a console for the operator.Allows to see the busy lines and extensions.

16 programmable keys.



4G WiFi Router


- Allows a wireless Internet accessup to 15 users.
- Load balancing
- Fallback


4G Dual SIM Router


Rugged, enterprise-class cellular routers with advances dynamic routing, security and firewall features. Load Balancing.




Satellite Connectivity

1.0M Ku Band Antennas


Cobham TracStar 900P5

The system is designed for use by:
• Federal, State and Private Security Agencies for law enforcement, emergency response and homeland security communications
• Military rapid deployment, SATCOM on the pause applications





AVL Technologies 1098FA VSAT Fly-Away

Built to withstand the harshest enviornments and provide years of trouble-free service, this automatic VSAT antenna is in service on hundreds of mobile command , HAZMAT trucks, Fire & Rescue, Police, and National Guard vehicles.






iNetVu FLY-981

This next generation Flyaway Ku terminal delivers aff ordable broadband Internet services (High-speed access, Video & Voice over IP, file transfer, e-mail or web browsing). Ideally suited for industries such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Military Communications, Disaster Management, SNG, Emergency Communications Backup, Cellular Backhaul and many others.




There are many other antenna sizes and models available.