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Satellite Internet Service

Satellite Internet Service That's Right For You

Mobil Satellite Technologies offers satellite internet service through our own iDirect network, as well as through ViaSat and HughesNet. Before selecting a satellite dish, do some research into each of the different networks we offer and then make your dish selection based on the network that best fits your needs. Our team is ready to assist with this research, and can be reached at 757-312-8300 or messaged using the button in the bottom right of your screen.

iDirect Service Plans

Our privately-managed iDirect satellite internet network provides over 100 different service plans to fit your exact needs. Whether you are an RV traveler that wants the ability to download Netflix at night and watch it during the day, or an emergency response team looking for the best connectivity while primary and secondary systems are down, our iDirect network has the plan for you. Our iDirect service plans work with any Ku-Band satellite internet antenna.

ViaSat coverage map showing coverage throughout USA, parts of Southern Canada, and parts of Northern Mexico and Mexico City. Some coverage in the Caribbean.

ViaSat Service Plans

ViaSat provides connectivity through a large system of satellites spread across the United States and parts of Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. These satellites provide ‘spot-beams’ of service over much smaller coverage areas than the iDirect network, allowing for higher maximum speeds. These powerful satellites, called High Throughput Satellites (HTS), make up the backbone of the ViaSat Ka-Band network. All ViaSat service plans work with any Ka-Band satellite antenna.

HughesNet Service Plans

HughesNet satellite internet is the most popular consumer satellite internet network across the United States. Though speeds can be slow at times due to the high contention of the HughesNet network, prices are very reasonable and provide the connectivity needed for basic web browsing and emailing. Most HughesNet customers are in fixed locations, but for those traveling across the country and need a mobile satellite antenna with HughesNet, Mobil Satellite Technologies can provide the equipment, expertise, and service desired. 

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