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Internet for Event Broadcasting and Livestreaming

Remote Event Streaming Solutions

For remote events that require a constant, high quality stream, satellite internet is the only option. Cellular routers can only do so much, especially when your event is located well outside of the cellular network. If cellular signal strength is faulty, your broadcast will start lagging or skipping. Only satellite internet can provide a guaranteed, dedicated amount of bandwidth for the duration of your event. Mobil Satellite Technologies has managed events for entities including National Geographic, NASA, and top golfers- and is ready to assist you with your project.

How it Works


Tell us about your event

We match the requirements of your event with a timeframe and bandwidth allowance that will work for you. Tell us the where, what, and how, and we’ll give you the perfect plan to make it happen.


Receive your equipment

If you have an IT team that can set up and deploy the equipment, great! We will ship it out in advance with instructions on how to set it up. Our support team will be available by phone if needed. If you would like us to manage the equipment on site, we certainly can. One of our technicians can come to your event with the equipment to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Activate your bandwidth

We can  activate your dedicated bandwidth at any time, day or night, once given the command. Upon activation, you will have access until you call to deactivate or until the end of the allotted number of hours, depending on how your plan was set up.

After the event is over, the equipment needs to be packed back up and shipped to our Chesapeake, Virginia office. If a MobilSat technician is on site, they’ll take care of the rest.

The Satellite Streaming Difference


You're not competing for bandwidth. Have consistent data speeds for guaranteed high quality event streaming.

Any Location

Satellite internet works virtually anywhere in the USA with a clear view of the southern sky. Just turn it on, wait for it to connect, and get connected.

Expertly Managed

Our team can set up your equipment, and our in-office support staff can turn it on and help if there area any issues during the event.

Hybrid Connectivity

Use satellite and cellular with automatic failover for seamlessly integrated, guaranteed internet. The best option for maintaining the best connection.

Custom Solutions

No cookie cutter plans. We look at your needs and make a plan to do what you need with the bandwidth and time required- no more, no less.

Tested and Proven

We've managed many, many events and know what is needed to make them a success. Our focus is a seamless, high quality stream.

Case Studies and Experience

Some of our past successful satellite livestreaming projects. Any location, any amount of bandwidth. Though we’ve tackled projects for many different clients over the years, these are some of the more compelling that show what’s possible with dedicated satellite internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our internet works for any remote event requiring a reliable livestream. While all of the events are different, they have one thing in common- almost all are outside of the cellular network. From national parks to secured government installations, we have been able to supply broadband internet where streaming would have otherwise been impossible.

The cost changes depending on quite a few different factors, including:

  • Distance from our office and whether or not we need to set it up on-site
  • Bandwidth requirements
  • Number of hours or days internet is needed for

Because each project is different, we don’t provide base pricing- it simply wouldn’t be reliable. To get a quote, please give us a call or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Our satellite antennas work as a mobile hotspot, providing broadband internet to the surrounding area around your event. We control your bandwidth, allowing you to have just the amount you need to accomplish your goal. The service is also set up for a pre-determined amount of time, so you spend only what you need for the event.

Your bandwidth needs will depend on how data intensive your use is. If streaming video, your resolution will be an important factor. A  good general rule is to secure a slightly stronger plan that what you should need. This way, buffering and jumping can be avoided without breaking the bank.

Depending on your event and the type of equipment needed, you may be able to have your IT team deploy the equipment for you. In other circumstances, our team can go to your location to help manage the equipment and network during the event. If you are managing the equipment yourself, you will always have our technical support team at the ready should you run into any issues.

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