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Hurricane communications preparedness checklist

Be ready when disaster strikes.

When a storm hits and primary and secondary communication systems are down, Mobil Satellite Technologies is there to make sure that your team is ready. From satellite phones during the storm to flyaway systems after the storm ends, MobilSat has the equipment and the expertise that your team needs.

Preparation is just as important as the response- you must make sure that all of your equipment is ready to be deployed and your team is properly trained on how to use the equipment. Once needed, there is no room for error. Make sure everything, and everyone, is ready before, during, and after the storm.

Hurricane Preparedness Questions

Common Emergency Communications Mistakes

No matter what kind of equipment you have, it means nothing if your team can’t operate it. Learn the ins and outs of your communications systems, and work with our technical support team to ensure proper operation. Test at least quarterly to ensure everything is in fine working order.

There is no way around it- emergency communication systems are, ideally, left unused. Though it may be tempting to reduce the budget by getting rid of something that hasn’t been touched in years, remember why you have it- and what could happen if you need it but no longer have it.

When a storm is about to hit, we receive order requests that often deplete our inventory. Depending on how long you wait, there may be no more flyaway satellite antennas left or we may be unable to get them to you through the storm. Reserve your equipment early to avoid being left without.

Cellular Companies Preparing for the Storm

  • By collaborating with weather forecasting partners such as the National Weather Service and StormGeo, T-Mobile can more accurately track a hurricane’s path and potential severity.
  • To prevent network outages when power lines is out, all key sites are equipped with fixed backup generators that help keep the network running.
  • T-Mobile has invested in operational readiness by adding thousands of new backup generators and advanced relief and recovery tools at sites in hurricane-prone areas. 
  • T-Mobile tests and improves the network’s backup and response systems.

With FirstNet, you have access to the Response Operation Group (ROG) — a dedicated team of former first responders ready to support you during an emergency event. ROG assists in deploying more than 80 dedicated deployables – including Satellite Cells on Light Trucks and Satellite Cells on Wheels. These are mobile cell sites that link to FirstNet via satellite. They don’t rely on commercial power availability. And they provide first responders with connectivity capabilities much like a cell tower.

During hurricanes and other natural or man-made disasters, ROG is there to ensure communications are back up and running as quickly as possible.  Among many other things, they are able to restore cut fiber lines quickly, place backup generation at macro sites, provision devices quickly, and cover up to 100 square miles of area with FirstNet One, the AT&T connected blimp.

Verizon has made preparations for an intense storm season. In addition to many other steps, these include:

  • Support for first responders using Verizon Frontline, the advanced network that has been built for first responders to meet their unique needs. 
  • Using backup generators and HVAC systems as well as redundant fiber rings for cell sites and switching centers to keep the network running and customers connected when commercial power is lost or water damage occurs.
  • Pre-arranging fuel deliveries for our generators in case of a storm, with tankers poised and in position to quickly respond to hard-hit areas in the event commercial power is lost.

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