HughesNet RV Satellite Internet

HughesNet Internet for your RV or Camper Trailer

While it is possible to get HughesNet RV satellite internet, it is not as simple as home-based HughesNet . A special mobile antenna is needed, as well as specific mobile service plans that are different than the usual HughesNet service. Fortunately, the new DataSat HNS-RV has lowered the cost of mobile HughesNet significantly, providing a more affordable option for travelers that want to keep their HughesNet service as they travel in their RV.

Another option for mobile internet is a comprehensive cellular package. Though the network range is not as large as HughesNet, cellular equipment starts at a much lower price and includes higher data speeds while within the network. For most travelers, cellular Wi-Fi is the best option to allow them to stream videos and play games while on the road.

The most affordable mobile satellite antenna on the HughesNet network. Part of the DataSat line offered by Mobil Satellite Technologies, the HNS-RV takes the affordability of HughesNet wherever you travel. Featuring one-click antenna deployment with an average 5 minute signal acquisition time.

A faster, more affordable alternative to the HughesNet mobile RV antenna and service. This cellular package is especially attractive to travelers that like to stream video or play games online. Available on a 500GB per month plan, with more plans being added soon.

HughesNet Alternatives

Perfect for RV and mobile camper owners that want to stream and play games. Our 4G LTE cellular internet packages include enterprise-grade equipment to keep you connected from practically anywhere, with data plans up to 500 gigabytes per month. Available on multiple networks.

Over the last few years, iDirect has slowly become the gold standard in satellite networks, with most satellite operators using iDirect hardware to build and manage their networks. iDirect services have less latency and more throughput than the HughesNet service plans.

The Viasat satellite network is a Ka-Band, low-contention network that operates throughout the United States. Speeds are quick and largely reliable, with the most popular plans boasting 18Mbps by 5Mbps. Viasat is trusted by RVers and remote businesses throughout the United States.


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