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How is MobilSat Cellular Different Than a Data Reseller?

MobilSat main office in Chesapeake, Virginia

Every company, in every industry, says that they are different. It is important to look past the sales pitch and fancy marketing to see what is actually going on, and who is actually offering a good deal. Mobil Satellite Technologies has spent over 25 years developing a brand that our customers can trust, and we are proud of what sets us apart from the pack.

7 day a week technical support team

In the cellular industry, not all support is created equal. Everyone claims to offer support, and some companies claim to offer 7 day a week support. For MobilSat Cellular, two factors really separate us.

First, our support team is only a support team. Not sales and support, not administration and support- just support. These guys are here to help you and have worked in the industry for years. They have likely seen your problem before and know how to quickly fix it. You won’t have any scammy sales pitches or upsells- just high quality support.

For many of our competitors, support is an afterthought. It is promised until the customer buys, then disappears. We have heard quite a few stories of companies that have a single cell phone as a “support line” that can go days or weeks without being answered. Even worse, some companies only offer technical support by email! At MobilSat, we stand behind our word and offer a high level of support to every one of our cellular customers. We even offer a database of cellular internet resources to help our customers optimize their service.

Office located in Chesapeake, Virginia

We are proud to have an office along Scenic Parkway in Chesapeake, Virginia. From here we manage our administration, sales, technical support, and installation departments. From our warehouse located behind our office, we install satellite antennas and ship our equipment worldwide.

When you are working with MobilSat Cellular, you are not working with a faceless company. We are not here one day and gone the next. Our employees have been here for years and are proud to consider themselves part of the MobilSat team. Many of our customers have been with us for years too, a testament to our reliability and quality of support.

Many cellular resellers do not have physical locations, or at least locations that they make public. When looking into the many unlimited, unthrottled data plans disappearing, we realized that many companies vanished overnight! No notice to customers, no emails- nothing. Even worse, some companies require equipment to be returned before service can be cancelled- but do not provide their address to return the equipment to.

Every legitimate business has a physical location, and every business with a physical location shares it unless they have something to hide. With the large number of horror stories we have heard, it is clear why many do this and it is very important for consumers to know how to avoid becoming a victim.

True cellular and satellite communications experts

You aren’t working with some guy that happens to have SIM cards, you’re working with a true communications professional. Besides privately managing our own satellite network and being certified resellers for all manner of satellite and cellular equipment, our team is uniquely equipped to deal with communications challenges as they arise. While this doesn’t often come up on our consumer side, it has been a major benefit for many of our customers traveling remotely.

MobilSat Cellular does not choose just any equipment for our customers. We are certified Gold Partners with Peplink, the company that develops the cellular routers we provide. With our in-depth understanding of each Peplink system, we can provide the unit best fit for our customers’ needs. The Peplink equipment enables us to provide comprehensive support through our management portal, something that very few other companies can offer. This allows us to check your network speeds and troubleshoot issues that may be leading to a slower connection.

Our communications and connectivity expertise extends to our other cellular equipment, too. The external antenna that we recommend has been a saving grace to many remote travelers, providing internet connection at the absolute fringes of the cellular network. While it does not work everywhere (it is still limited by the network, of course) our unique router and external antenna combination has helped to stretch the limits of cellular. We even have a marine cellular internet package that blows other internet plans out of the water. Simply put, nobody can leverage the cellular network quite like we can.

To sum it all up

MobilSat Cellular is not an option in the cellular market, we are the best option. No other company offers such outstanding technical support, such optimized equipment, or as much peace of mind as MobilSat Cellular. We have been helping residents of remote areas and travelers straying from the beaten path stay connected for years, and we sincerely look forward to serving you, too.

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