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FLDataSat 1200 deployed

Affordable Flyaways for Reliable Satellite Internet

The FLDataSat product line takes the popular DataSat satellite antenna system and puts it in an easy to maneuver, rugged casing. Boasting the lowest cost of any comparable flyaway system, highly competitive data rates, and unbeatable durability, the FLDataSat is made to get the job done right wherever the job location may be. 

Our two main focuses on our flyaway antenna systems are durability and portability. We deconstructed the idea of a flyaway system and built something we knew would last. After reinforcing the areas most likely to wear over time, rebuilding the casing to protect the contents inside from movement during transport or element intrusion during harsh weather, and minimizing weight for ultimate portability, we were left with this- the new and improved FLDataSat by Mobil Satellite Technologies.

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