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Flyaway Satellite Systems

Flyaway Satellite VSAT Systems

Flyaway satellite Internet systems are essentially the same technology and the same equipment as vehicle-mounted automatic pointing mobile satellite units, but have been made portable by installation into one or more rugged waterproof cases. These units are designed to be transported to anywhere you need broadband connectivity and deployed within just a few minutes.

Flyaway satellite internet antennas can be very customized to meet your unique needs for broadband connectivity and portability. Generally, our flyaway satellite antennas are stored in 2-3 large cases. 

Our flyaway satellite Internet solutions all come standard with a shock-mounted 19″ computer equipment rack case and an abrasion protected wire loomed cable harness. The harness connects the mobile antenna to the controller case with a rear-mounted panel with plug-in and Mil-Spec quick disconnect fittings.

For customers on a budget, we also engineer a much more affordable flyaway satellite Internet solution by mounting a conventional vehicle mount satellite Internet antenna into a rugged antenna case. These systems use the same basic components and function approximately the same, but are slightly less portable than the more expensive flyaway satellite internet systems.

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Our flagship flyaway VSAT systems in a two-case solution with no control cables. This unit is deisnged to be tranported to anywhere you need broadband connectivity and deployed within just a few minutes.

The AVL Flwaway systems are considered by many to be the best of the best. The exclusive AVL Technologies Cable Drive system makes this antenna extremely smooth and precise when deploying, and absolutely rigid once deployed.

These compact portable fully motorized VSAT tripod based platforms are complete with shipping cases for easy, damage free transportation and can be set up and made operational in less than 15 minutes.

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