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Fixed VSAT Satellite De-Icing Systems

There are many different dish de-icing solutions available, the right system for you depends on the type of fixed satellite antenna you have. Some larger antennas require powerful forced hot air systems that use a gas fired burner and fan to push heated air onto the face of the antenna. These systems are normally used on larger antennas that are located in especially snow-prone areas.

For most fixed satellite antennas, we recommend a de-icing solution that uses a solid state electronic heating element which is attached to the bottom half of the antenna and then covered to insulate the back of the dish. The heat from the bottom half of the dish rises to heat the top half.

These de-icing systems use a thermostat that is calibrated to come on and operate only when needed. 120 VAC power is required at the antenna.

Folding Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

Mobil Satellite Technologies custom manufactures a folding non-penetrating roof mount that makes transporting and deploying fixed satellite antennas a much simpler and speedier process. The folding non-penetrating roof mount is available in two sizes: 2 7/8″ pipe and 2″ pipe.

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