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Emergency Communication Trailers

Satellite Communication Trailers for Emergency Response

When disaster strikes and communication lines are down, our emergency communication trailers provide a reliable communication channel to the outside world. With three main models that can be customized to meet nearly any need, Mobil Satellite Technologies’ ECT Series trailers are built to operate in the harshest of environments while providing the most reliable of service. 

Our trailers were designed with innovation in mind, by looking at what others in the market were doing, and then improving on their inefficiencies. What we ended up with was nothing short of spectacular- a comprehensive, adaptive communication solution with minimal points of failure.

You will not always need your ECT, so we did our part to make sure that when you do need it, it works. Every. Single. Time.

Emergency Satellite Communication Trailers by MobilSat

Our smallest, most straightforward emergency communications trailer. The ECT-LITE works with any antenna brand including MobilSat, AVL, Winegard, and C-COM iNetVu. 

This multi-purpose broadband trailer can be equipped with outdoor access points that extend the WiFi broadband connection out as far as one mile. Within just a few minutes of arriving, the broadband communications trailer automatically establishes an Internet connection and becomes an instant hotspot, providing high speed access to web, email, VoIP, VPN, and many other applications.

A comprehensive emergency communications trailer. Built with a 30′ pneumatic mast, Sidewinder PTZ camera, a Datasat 1200, and LED scene lighting, this trailer is ready for keep you connected from anywhere.

Our largest, most comprehensive emergency communications trailer. Coming standard with a diesel generator and two internal workstations, the ECT-20 is fully customizable to your specific needs while boasting a full array of standard offerings.

Explore Service Options

The most popular service plans to accompany our emergency communication trailers are the 10-Day Plans and Metered plans. Generally, our ECT’s are only needed during emergency situations making the 10-Day Plans the ideal solution to be covered in times of emergency without overspending when service is not needed.

10-Day Plans

  • Use it when you need it for one low monthly price
  • Perfect for emergency response teams

Metered- Pay for what you use

  • Set amount of throughput, charges for additional use per MB
  • 24-month commitment

Enterprise Plans

  • Range of plans to fit a broad array of organizational needs
  • Reliable connection from anywhere

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