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Peplink and Cradlepoint Cellular Routers

Pepwave BR1 mini, for deployments in transportation, automated kiosks, digital signage, and remote metering

Enterprise Cellular Routers by Peplink and Cradlepoint

Peplink cellular routers are engineered to keep you connected 24/7, even in the most demanding environments. Pepwave routers provide fast and unbreakable wireless connectivity for deployments where wired options are too expensive or too difficult to implement. MAX routers will keep you connected using dual SIM cards and the patented SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding technology. This connectivity is crucial for enabling a wide range of applications such as fleet management, video surveillance, Internet of Things (IoT) and commercial-grade mobile hotspots.

Peplink MAX BR1 Series

Sturdy cellular routers that deliver excellent value. The Max BR1 Series can act as your primary or backup router, providing seamless VPN failover and a reliable LTE connection when needed. The Max BR1 is a favorite of remote travelers with camper vans or RVs that plan to stay along the fringes of the cellular network. Remote businesses also love the BR1 series. These cellular routers are among the most affordable of the Pepwave line.

Peplink MAX HD Series

Heavy duty, multi-cellular powerhouses. These powerful cellular routers provide unbreakable connectivity and blazing speeds for mission-critical connectivity. With multiple networks capable of running concurrently, you get the absolute best available cellular coverage wherever it is available. These routers are industrial-grade and more comprehensive than the more affordable BR1 series. When you need unbreakable connectivity and the most leverage over the cellular network, trust the MAX HD Series.​

Peplink MAX Transit Series

Built from the ground up to fit the needs of transportation deployments. Features full certifications as well as vehicle-specific features such as ignition sensing. Each of the routers in the Max Transit series are built to last and made to fit practically anywhere in your vehicle. The Max Transit product line includes single and multi-cellular capable devices, as well as the Max Transit Mini which comes Band-71 and FirstNet ready.

First responders love the Max Transit Mini for FirstNet access, and RV owners love it as the most affordable router that provides access to Band 71. For transportation companies that require a more robust solution, the Max Transit DUO features two embedded LTE modems and simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi.

Peplink Balance Series

Designed for enterprise networks that need to stay connected even if a WAN link breaks. Equipped with a wide range of load balancing algorithms to handle any situation. The Balance 20X is the best value for an enterprise router with SD-WAN. For an upgrade from the Balance 20X, the Balance 310X offers advanced, enterprise-grade SD-WAN with a routing throughput of 2.5 Gpbs.

Peplink X Series

Powerful. Modular. Futureproof. The Peplink X Series combines the most powerful routing capacity offered by Peplink with an advanced modular interface. X Series routers accept different types of WAN, including upcoming technologies, so you won’t have to change your system as new tech emerges.

Peplink 5G Routers

To thrive in a smarter and more connected world, businesses have shown an increasing demand for broader bandwidth at incomparably higher speeds. Peplink’s 5G solutions aim to connect people, businesses, and objects around the world, driving innovation to a whole new level. Introducing the Peplink 5G line, the next step in mobile cellular connectivity.

Peplink Marine Cellular Routers

The Pepwave MAX HD1 Dome is the best introductory marine cellular router, featuring four SIM card slots and a single cellular radio. For a more comprehensive system, the MAX HD2 Dome supports two cellular radios and features dual-cellular bandwidth bonding. 

Cradlepoint IBR Series

Cradlepoint is recognized as one of the most trusted manufacturers of cellular routers. Across the world, businesses and government agencies rely on Cradlepoint devices to keep them connected. Compact and ruggedized, the Cradlepoint IBR series offers advanced in-vehicle and internet of things (IoT) connectivity at a price point that is reasonable for most government agencies and businesses.

External Antennas

Some of the best external antennas for a mobile environment. When paired with our top of the line cellular routers, you have the absolute best in mobile connectivity.

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