Cobham Explorer BGAN Terminals

Heavy Duty Enterprise BGAN Terminals

The Cobham Explorer BGAN Terminal product line is designed with seamless, wireless connectivity in mind. Most Cobham BGAN terminals allow for both wired and wireless connections, allowing you to connect your way and pair with one of the many Inmarsat service plans to only pay for what you need. Only about the size of a laptop, all of the Cobham Explorer BGAN terminals can be easily transported wherever life takes your organization.

Whether you’re reporting the news, exploring for natural resources, doing commercial or government business, or helping people in emergencies, the Cobham Explorer BGAN terminal’s high quality voice and broadband speed offer the performance you need to carry out your work in the field.

Cobham BGAN Stationary Terminals

Stationary BGAN terminals require the BGAN terminal to be motionless when it is deployed. Though they don’t work while moving like the Cobham in-motion BGAN systems, these BGAN’s are more generally more affordable while offering excellent broadband connectivity. 

Cobham BGAN In-Motion Terminals

These satellite terminals provide in-motion broadband connectivity from almost anywhere in the world, with data speeds of up to 432 Kbps. These in-motion BGAN terminals also can be set by the user to capture and use dedicated streaming bandwidth up to 256 Kbps, which makes video streaming and video teleconferencing possible in even the most challenging enviornments, even while the vehicle is in motion.

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