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Asset Tracking with Globalstar SPOT Devices

Advanced Asset Tracking with SPOT Trace.

Affordable, reliable, simple. Be in the loop to your assets’ whereabouts while they are being sent out, in transit, and arriving. Set up alerts and messages that align with your workflows.  Get notified on changes to SPOT Trace, including low battery and powering off. Use Google Maps to view the real-time location of your assets.

With SPOT Trace, your assets are with you- no matter where they are.

SPOT Trace Features

You choose your tracking interval (2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes) and watch the location change as the asset continues to move. View on your desktop, tablet, or on your mobile device through the Globalstar SPOT app. 

With Dock Mode, you only get notified when your asset moves for real- not just when it sways with the motion of the water. In the event that your vessel is stolen and leaves cellular range, SPOT will continue to provide location updates in regular intervals. 

Whether you are managing people or inventory, asset grouping makes it easier. Break your SPOT Trace devices into distinct groups based on your needs, and receive different notifications and location updates for each group. 

The SPOT Trace is built to survive tough conditions. Boasting an IP67 rated casing, the SPOT Trace is submersible up to one meter and is resistant to impacts and dust intrusion. Built for any temperatures, the device operates from -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Asset Tracking Applications for SPOT Trace

For contractors and construction crews, a stolen trailer or vehicle could cost thousands- even hundreds of thousands- of dollars. By installing a SPOT Trace, notifications can be sent when the asset moves so the authorities can be notified promptly and the robbery halted. Best of all, the SPOT Trace will continue sending location updates every few minutes until the criminals are apprehended. 

This anti-theft solution requires little space or money. About the size of a box of matches, the SPOT Trace can easily fit in a glovebox or on the dashboard of a vehicle. If it is placed on a trailer, it can be mounted on the roof with ease. Service plans are as little as $14.95 per month, and the device itself is under $200.  

The SPOT Trace shines in a marine environment. Once put into Dock Mode, SPOT Trace is able to distinguish between the ebbs and flows of the water and true motion. This allows boat owners to be notified if their vessel is in trouble, while preventing false positives from slight movements of the ship. The size of a matchbox, the SPOT Trace would not be seen by thieves and would continue sending regular location updates until the criminal is caught. 

For teams working across a wide geographical area but managed in a central location, SPOT Trace can help to keep everyone on the same page. With location updates every 2.5, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes, management can stay in the loop during every movement. For personnel that are traveling alone, the SPOT X or SPOT Gen4 can be used to allow simple messaging and SOS should the need arise. This is perfect for emergency situations, ensuring that even when staff are alone help is no more than a click away. 

During hunting season, let others know where you are as you travel from place to place. Set geofenced areas with alerts once you leave the area, or set up time-based notifications for frequent updates on your whereabouts. During the off-season, keep track of your vehicles and four wheelers easily. Set up status messages for peace of mind, or get notifications delivered if your vehicle begins to move.

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