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When it comes to working on an Airstream, everything is just a bit different. Internet and TV systems have to be installed to work with the unique contours of the roof, and technicians have to understand how to work with the Airstream to avoid any damage to the shell. Over the last 25 years Mobil Satellite Technologies has developed a reputation as expert Airstream internet installers, completing projects across the country and from our warehouse in Chesapeake, Virginia.

If you are looking for internet equipment and installation for your airstream, you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Internet Options for Airstreams

Satellite Internet Systems

For remote travelers that need to stay connected for business purposes and don’t need the fastest speeds, a roof-mounted satellite antenna is the perfect option. Depending on the year of your Airstream and previous customizations, a custom mounting bracket may be needed to work with the roof contours.

The RVDataSat 840 is recommended for more price-conscious Airstreamers with limited roof real estate. For a higher throughput with a larger antenna, the Enterprise-grade DataSat 1200 is the perfect solution. 

Cellular Routers and Service Plans

An entirely metal enclosure creates problems for catching cell signal from inside an Airstream. MobilSat pairs top-of-the-line Peplink cellular routers with 5G-ready external antennas to provide the strongest cellular signal possible for an Airstream.

MobilSat Cellular plans begin at $79 per month, with data allowances ranging from 20 to 500 gigabytes. 

Hybrid Satellite and Cellular Internet

If you need the absolute best, our hybrid package is for you. Providing the high speeds of cellular with the dependability of satellite, hybrid internet can keep you connected from virtually anywhere with the highest possible data speeds. Featuring auto-failover from one system to the other, this is the ultimate choice for Airstream internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in 1996, Mobil Satellite Technologies has been working on Airstreams and other RV’s for over 25 years. At the beginning, most of our work was installing satellite television and satellite internet antennas on consumer vehicles. We are proud to have completed hundreds of successful Airstream installations across the United States, making us one of the most trusted brands for Airstream satellite internet. 

There are quite a few challenges to working on Airstreams. The curvature of the roof makes it difficult to install satellite antenna systems, especially with other equipment already on the roof. Custom mounting brackets usually have to be made to help ensure a smooth installation. 

Cellular systems can be just as complicated. Because the entire shell of the Airstream is made of metal, cellular signals are unable to pass through. While putting a cellular router next to the window and hoping for the best could work, it is not a particularly great strategy. To get around this, MobilSat provides an omni-directional external antenna that attaches to the roof of your Airstream. 5G-ready and undeterred by the metal shell, the external antenna provides high bandwidth data to the cabin.

Finally, the level of customization possible with Airstreams and minor changes to the shell every model year makes any kind of standardization impossible. The only way to confidently work on Airstreams is to use a core team of highly trained, highly competent technicians with the experience and know-how to overcome challenges that may arise. 

MobilSat offers hundreds of different options for mobile internet. When it comes to picking the best option for you, keep in mind your travel habits, your data usage habits, the amount of space on your roof, and your budget. The easiest way to narrow down your best options is to talk to a Mobil Satellite Technologies representative. Feel free to email us, call us, submit a form, or chat with us using the bubble in the bottom right of your screen.

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