VoIPTerminated to Customer Switchboard or PBX

Terminated to Customer Switchboard or PBX

Some customers choose to terminate their VoIP lines at their own switchboard or PBX, instead of at a remote Internet connected call center.

This requires a customer controlled fixed HQ location with non-satellite broadband internet access and access to the PSTN (public switched telephone network). The PBX or phone switch mush have adequate open port space.

In this solution, one VoIP appliance is placed at the fixed HQ location and the other box is placed at the remote (satellite) site. We provide and configure the satellite friendly VoIP equipment at both ends of the connection.

If the remote site is using IP phones, the customer will provide a SIP server to connect to at their coprorate HQ


  • No monthly cost
  • 3 or 4 digit dialingback to HQ


  • If local phone service is interrupted, no telephone service will be available. Many users choose the security of call terminations outside of their own local area. More...

Managed VoIP Service Costs:

There is no cost per month and no cost per minute to use this solution, although there is a $350 setup cost for Point-to-point VoIP configuration.