Fax Studies suggest that 1/3 of all IP faxes fail. Over satellite, fax is even more unpredictable based on the quality of the satellite link. The NETFAX satellite faxing solution uses proprietary technology to send and receive fax over any network.  Successfully. 100% of the time. Despite the network being optimized for VoIP or not. Regardless of packet loss, jitter or latency. 

Our solution is simple and 100% reliable. Use a standard fax machine attached to our device and press send. It really is just that simple. Never resend a fax with the Mobilsat satellite faxing solution.

We provide you with a NETFAX SFTA device that you can plug your existing fax machine into. This allows your users to use the technology they are comfortable with. Then you plug the SFTA into the nearest standard computer network port (which it can still share with the adjacent computer). Then they send and receive faxes just like they always have and you get to run the system over the satellite network.

The NETFAX SFTA provides a store and forward fax service that captures the fax image at the remote satellite location before it is sent over the satellite link. When the remote unit is transmitting a fax, it emulates the dial tone of the land line and communicates with the local fax machine using standard T.30 fax communication protocols. As the communication is all done at the remote unit, the latency and jitter associated with the Internet connection are no longer a factor, ensuring the communication to the attached fax machine is successful every time.