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With developments in IP networking in general and the Internet in particular, the ability to transmit voice calls over the public Internet has become a reality.

More and more users are asking us about VoIP capability when purchasing a connection to the Internet. VoIP based telephony is the most cost-effective voice solution for companies that operate mobile command posts, mobile offices, mobile medical clinics, or other portable satellite systems that require the ability to make phone calls wherever they are located, and without relying on any local infrastructure.

However, when using VoIP services with satellite communications there are special challenges due to the latency that is inherent in every satellite connection. Heavily advertised, off-the-shelf VoIP solutions like Vonage, Majic Jack, and other similar products are not designed with potential use over satellite in mind. These solutions each use codecs (encoding formats) that require up to 10 times as much bandwidth for a single call than an optomized, satellite friendly VoIP solution. Read More...

Satellite Friendly VoIP Solutions

Satellite VoIP phone service

Mobilsat's Managed VoIP Voice Services

We provide a dedicated telephone number, along with unlimited local and domestic USA long distance calling. Read more...

Point-to-point VoIP

VoIP service can come from a customer location PBX. There are some advantages and some drawbacks. Read more...

VoIP Hardware

We provide a wide range of VoIP hardware options, based on how many lines, the type of phones or phone system being used, routing requirements, etc. Read more...


E-911 for IP-Enabled Service Providers

E-911 for IP-Enabled Service Providers

Federal Communications Commission Law requires that we make available to all VoIP users this information regarding from the FCC on how Emergency 911 services do not work the same when using VoIP services as they do with a regular telephone. Read more...

E-911 Location Update Portal

Glossary of VoIP Terms

This is a compilation of telecom VoIp industry terms. Let us take a little bit of the mystery out of VOIP service. Read more...

Dura-Fon long range cordless phones

Long Range 900 Mhz Cordless Telephones