Satellite Internet systems are two-way systems that transmit data as well as receive. While satellite TV dishes can usually be pointed by hand, satellite Internet systems require a much more technical and much more accurate installation and pointing. Because Internet systems transmit as well as receive, there is also a safety consideration that the antenna be professionally installed. Hands-on installation of a two-way satellite Internet system by anyone other than a qualified technician is a punishable violation of Federal Communications Commission rules.

Mobil Satellite Technologies is a certified satellite training company, and offers satellite Installer training classes designed to qualify and certify individuals to install and point two-way satellite Internet systems. This training is offered only to existing Mobil Satellite Technologies multiple-location customers, or new customers who purchase multiple satellite systems.

Training can be held at any suitable customer provided location. The class is one full day, and may be attended by up to four people. A satellite dish must be present at the location, or one may be rented for training at additional expense. If this training is to be for a larger group, it can also be spaced out over multiple days to allow multiple shifts or employee groups to attend.

After attending this comprehensive training and receiving your certification, you or your personel will be able to install and point your own fixed satellite dish system. With HughesNet, it will even be possible to move it and re-install it whenever and wherever you need.

HughesNet Installation Training

All HughesNet compatible Internet dishes are required to be installed and aimed by a trained and certified technician, or pointed by an approved, fully automatic, self-aligning antenna mount (please check with a Sales Engineer for pricing). In addition, HughesNet also requires the installing technician must also be HughesNet certified and have a HughesNet issued installer ID number.

VSAT Installation Training

Standard professional installation of any non-HughesNet VSAT systems requires a that a qualified, trained two-way satellite installer aim and cross polarize the antenna. Installation of an iDirect based satellite system also requires familiarity with satellite Internet modems, options files and how to upload them, as well as other specialized training.

The Mobilsat VSAT installation training will teach you everything you will need to know to successfully install these systems and comply with FCC rules. By the end of the class, you or your installation technician will be familiar with the process and procedures to install and commission VSAT satellite systems and will receive a installation training certificate of completion.

iDirect VSAT installation training is designd to teach everything that is required to install fixed satellite Internet antennas, but this training is not for systems that will be moved from time to time, it is for installing fixed systems one time. If your requirements are for a satellite internet system that can be relocated and used at different places, this training is not for you and you will need to have a fully automatic satellite antenn that is capable of pointing itself. We do not allow manually pointed antennas on our iDirect network

Training Costs:

The terms, scheduling, and cost are the same for either HughesNet or VSAT installation training.

On-site training - 1 day - up to 4 people - $1,200 plus expenses (hotel and travel)