RV Satellite

Which mobile auto-deploy satellite Internet antenna is right for you?

We are factory authorized dealers for most major antenna brands, so we will definitely have the right antenna for you.

When it comes to satellite Internet, consumer users have different needs than most commercial or government users. Commercial and Government users typically require much higher data throughput data rates, and use more data than the average RV owner does.each month. This is why there are different sizes antennas and different transmit power (BUC Wattage).

From entry-level consumer all the way up to enterprise-grade mobile office, the satellite Internet system that is right for you is available here.

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Consumer Internet antenna:

Our consumer satellite antennas and service are sold at our RVDataSat website.

We offer two service plans specifically designed for consumers iDirect Access and RV Entertainment.

Mobile satellite Internet specialists RVDataSat840 mobile satellite antenna for consumers

The RVDataSat840 is the only automatic satellite Internet antenna built for exclusively for RV owners.

RVDataSat840 - consumer antenna
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The RVDataSat840 system is completely ready to use out-of-the-box; the satellite controller is pre-programmed for the right satellite and the modem is pre-commissioned and ready for service.

Commercial, Government, and Small Business/Consumer antennas:

Larger antennas provide more throughput than smaller antennas, so your broadband needs will determine the proper size satellite Internet antenna for your application.

Within every antenna size there are several manufacturers that offer similar antennas with different features. At Mobil Satellite Technologies we are familiar with every brand and every model of satellite Internet or satellite TV antennas; once we understand your specific needs and budget, we can make recommendations about hardware choices that make sense for you.

Winegard satellite systems Winegard DS840 automatic satellite Internet antenna
Winegard WX1200
Winegard WV750A Ka-Band. HTS Compatible  
AVL Technologies mobile satellite Internet AVL 878 VSAT
AVL 880KVH-AAQ VSAT Ka-Band, HTS Compatible AVL 1280KVH-AQQ VSAT Ka-Band. HTS Compatible
iNetVu satellite Internet by C-Com
Ka750V iNetVu Ka-Band, HTS Compatible 1200 iNetVu
980 iNetVu 1800+ iNetVu

Mobile satellite TV

Have satellite TV and satellite Internet wherever you go!

Bring your favorite shows with you on the road with a roof mounted satellite antenna. With the touch of a single button, your automatic satellite antenna will provide the same satellite TV viewing experience in your RV as your home!

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MotoSAT satellite Internet Out of Business!

MotoSAT Owners contact us for important antenna replacement information

Surf the web, send email, plan travel, upload photos, all with the touch of a single button.

Our automatic satellite antennas bring broadband speeds to wherever you are, without the "dead spots" of cellular connections. With an automatic satellite antenna you will never be out of range or out of contact.

Why select Mobil Satellite Technologies?

We are a single source provider of professional grade satellite Internet and satellite VoIP services. As authorized dealers for every major national brand, we can offer great selection, a professional and trained staff, competitive pricing, and professional installation anywhere in the USA.

We will listen carefully to understand your needs, then recommend the brand and model of antenna that is the best fit for your requirements and for your budget. Our staff of trained installation technicians will perform a professional installation of the system on your vehicle, and then our technical support staff will be available 7 days per week to provide free technical support if you ever do need any help.

As a satellite Internet network operator, there is no other "throat to choke" if something goes wrong; we sell, install, and support every system we sell without using agents or subcontractors.

We operate state of the art teleport hardware with the very latest features, including DVB-S2 which provides more throughput and better efficiency than other satellite networks. Our Public-Safety grade satellite network currently provides mobile broadband and VoIP service to hundreds of RV'rs just like you, allowing them the freedom to travel wherever they want and still be in touch.

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