The Winegard 2-Way Controller is fully FCC Part 15 certified, and has built in full remote control capabilities thru Telnet.

This newest model of touch screen controller has a space inside for mounting a standard iDirect Evolution satellite modem, so no extra space in the rack is required.

» Heavy duty construction to withstand extreme environments
» Perfect for energy and other enterprise applications
» 2-way communication capability for data, video, and voice
» Simple, single-button operation requiring no external PC
» Quick deployment
» Auto-acquisition of target satellite
» Rack-mountable
» included rack mount for iDirect satellite modem
» Built-in DVB receiver, GPS, compass and tilt sensors
» FCC part 25.209 compliant
» Little or no periodic maintenance required
» Design for manufacturability principles allows for ease of field repair
» Fastest acquisition times in the industry

Dimensions   2u 19” Rack mountable
Power supply: Input 100-250V 3a max
Running Load  47-63Hz 300W max
Output 48V 6.7a max
Electrical Data interface* RG6 60’ (18.25 m)
transmit (tx)* RG6 compression F connector
Receive (Rx)* RG6 compression F connector