HughesNet is the brand name under which Hughes Network Systems provides its two-way satellite Internet access technology and service in United States.

HughesNet pricing plans include daily data allowances which, when reached or exceeded, will result in data transfer speed reductions to speeds comparable to dial-up. They do not have monthly data restrictions, but typical daily data allowances are at or below 500 MB.

The newest HughesNet consumer offering is called Gen4, which refers to the newer Ka-band spot beam services. Because of te nature of the spot-beam service, these Gen4 consumer service plans cannot be used in mobile or portable solutions, they are for fixed residential sites only.

HughesNet does still offer mobile Ku-Band service plans through authorized VARs like Mobil Satellite Technologies utilizing the HughesNet HN7000s and HughesNet HN7700s satellite modems, although most manufacturers of mobile automatic satellite equipment are slowly dropping Hughesnet capable motorized VSAT antennas from their product lines.

Over the last few years, iDirect has slowly become the gold standard in satellite networks, with most satellite operatiors using iDirect hardware to build and manage their networks. iDirect services have less latency and more throughput than the HughesNet service plans.

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HughesNet Satellite Systems - The Technology

HughesNet HN7000S satellite Internet modem

HN7000s Modem

HughesNet HN7700 satellite Internet modem

HN7700s Modem

The HN7000S, part of Hughes’ HN7000S family, is a high-performance broadband satellite router designed to provide high-speed access for the consumer, small office/home office, and enterprise markets. Designed to provide both versatility and performance, the HN7000S provides unsurpassed performance for even the most bandwidth-intensive applications.The HN7000S operates with all Hughes HN systems and uses the industry standards DVB-S or DVB-S2.

The HN7700S has been designed to provide unsurpassed performance for even the most bandwidth-intensive applications. With support for two simultaneous LAN subnets, the HN7700S has the flexibility and power to handle new enterprise IP networking requirements. Further, the HN7700S supports integrated serial connectivity, thus providing the ideal solution for bridging legacy applications into an IP environment.

The HN7000S is a value solution ideally suited to consumers and small offices. The HN7000S provides NAT'd addresses, or is available with 5 static IP address. Optional static IP addresses are assigned to customer provided computers, router or switch.

The HN7700S has the same characteristics as the HN7000S, but also has one RS232 Serial Port as well as an integrated V.90 modem for dialup backup.

Comparison: Both the HN7000S and the HN7700S systems have the same throughput characteristics. The HN7700S also has dual LAN capabilities and an integrated V90 modem. You must use the HN7700Sto subscribe to the Internet Access 400 service plan, but the HN7700S can not be provisioned to the Internet Access 100 service plan.

Download the HughesNet HN7000S pdf document here: HN7000S pdf

Download the HughesNet HN7700S pdf document here: HN7700S.pdf

Dish Sizes

HughesNet satellite equipment packages are available with a .74 meter, .98 meter, 1.2 meter, and 1.8 meter dishes. Some higher bandwidth HughesNet service plans require the .98 or 1.2 meter dishes, although it can also be a good idea to use an oversized dish even with an entry level service plan. The larger the dish, the less likely the system is to being susceptible to service interruptions that may be caused by heavy storm activity.

HughesNet Coverage Area

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