Flyaway satellite Internet systems are only as good as their cases. These cases must protect sensitive equipment from dust, dirt, water, vibration, and shock. Each of our casses is engineered specifically to fit each antenna and the customer's needs.

Modem/Controller case
Shock-mounted rack cases for satellite modem and controller Rear View of satellite Internet controoler box - shock mounted rack
19" Shock-Mount rack case front
19" Shock-Mount rack case rear
    • Shock mounted 19" equipment rack
    • Durable molded plastic construction
    • Opens on both ends
    • 6RU of available rack space
    • Waterproof and weatherproof
    • Locking latches
    • Standard 20" deep, 24" deep available
Flyaway Antenna Case  
There are two choices for Flyaway antenna case construction, Rotomolded Plastic or ATA XLT-1 Fabricated cases
Hardigg cases for Flyaway satellite Internet system ATA case for Flyaway Internet system
Rotomolded plastic cases:
ATA XLT-1 fabricated cases

These rotomolded plastic cases are very rugged and durable, with the top and the bottom both molded as one-piece plastic components. An extra wide o-ring style gasket gives superb weather resistance. There are locking, removeable casters on each corner for easy movement. These cases are durable and are highly resistant to impact.

Normal delivery time for these cases is 6-8 weeks

Traditional fabricated ATA cases are constructed with a plywood core. These light weight XLT-1 ATA cases are designed to provide the strength of traditional plywood laminate cases while employing durable light weight polypropylene tri-laminate that is lighter and 100% recyclable.

Normal delivery time for these cases is 3-4 weeks

Flyaway Internet case construction