Compare to other AVL Flyaway antennas:
 .85m 878KCB


AVL 878KCB flyaway satellite Internet antenna

Each System Includes:
TracStar 1RU satellite controller for flyaway satellite Internet systems
Modem and Controller case for flyaway satellite Internet systems
AVL Technologies cable drive system for satellite Internet antennas
TracStar 1 RU Rack Mount Controller
6RU Rack Case for Electronics
AVL Cable-Drive Rotary Drive System

The AVL 878KCB flyaway satellite Internet antenna replaces the AVL 750KCB, which is no longer available.


This exterior case dimensions and weight of the 878KCB are the same as the 750KCB. The larger reflector has better gain characteristics, allowing for better connectivity and more throughput without any increase in the shipping/storage dimensions.

Reflector: .85cm
Optics: Offset, Prime Focus
Drive System: AVL Cable-Drive 3-axis Positioner
Mount Geometry: Elevation over Azimuth
Polarization: Linear orthogonal standard, optional co-pol
Controller: One-button Auto-acquisition
Electrical RF    


Frequency 11.70-12.75 GHz

13.75-14.5 GHz

Gain (Midband)    
VSWR 1.30:1 1.30:1

Beamwidth on Orbital Arc (degrees)

-3 dB
1.8 1.6
-10 dB
3.3 2.8
First Sidelobe Level (Typical) -18 dB -21 dB
Radiation Pattern Compliance > 1.8° FCC §25.209, ITU-R S.528.5
Antenna Noise Temperature 50° K at 30° Elevation
Polarization Linear Orthogonal or Co-Polarized
Cross-Pol Isolation    
On-Axis (minimum) 30 dB 35 dB
Off-Axis (within 0.3°) 28 dB 30 dB
BUC Mounting Capacity 2W to 6W  
Feed Port Isolation – TX to RX
70 dB
Satellite system Compliance Intelsat, PanAmSat etc.
Az/El Drive System AVL Cable Drive System
Polarization Drive System AVL Cable Drive System
Azimuth 400°
Elevation True elevation readout from calibrated inclinometer
0° to 90° of Reflector Boresight
Standard limits at 5° to 65° (CE Approval) or 5° to 90°
Polarization Motorized ±75° Manual H/V
Slewing/Deploying 10°/sec. Azimuth, 5°/sec. Elevation, 5°/sec. Polarization
Peaking 0.2°/second
Motors 24V DC Variable Speed with Optical Encoders
BUC Mounting Up to 6 watts on Feed
RF Interface  
Coax Tx and Rx L-band with Type-F at Base of Antenna
Electrical Interface 25 ft. (X m) Cable with Connector for Controller
Weight Case 1 – Antenna case 54" L x 43" W x 20" H inches - 206lbs.
  Case 2 - Modem/Controller case (27" X 29" X 19.5") 55lbs aprx.
Survival with Anchoring 60 mph (96 kmph)
Operational w/out Anchoring 45 mph (72 kmph)
Pointing Loss in Wind  
20 mph 0.1 dB Typical
30 Gusting to 45 mph 0.3 dB Typical
Operational +5° to 125°F
Survival -40° to 140°F