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AQYR Diamondback satellite Internet flyaway antenna



  The AQYR Diamondback portable, compactm auto-acquisition terminal provides affordable high-speed internet access for any type of worker at any temporary site. This rugged, lightweight full auto-acquisition terminal is compatible with the ViaSat Exede HTS satellite network. The Diamondback packs up into a single case and is designed for a rapid installation and satellite acquisition in less than 10 minutes by personnel with little to no satellite user training.

Download the AQYR Diamondback Datasheet (pdf)

  • Single case portable, airline checkable
  • Simple rapid deployment, no tools required
  • Easily portable high-speed connectivity
  • Utilizes affordable, high-capacity Ka-band satellite bandwidth
  • Lightweight system weighs only 47lbs.; 21.3kg
  • Quick set-up and signal acquisition using the patented Auto AQYR terminal for rapid satellite acquisition <10 minutes
  • Integrated terminal and remote Web based GUI for complete live terminal operation and status
  • Integrated 4-port IP router

The Diamondback AutoAQYR Terminal is designed for users who require high throughput connectivity with downstream rates up to 40Mbps and upstream rates up to 10Mbps, in a very compact and portable auto-acquire package.

Emergency responders, reporters, disaster Response professionals can all benefit from truly high-speed Internet with the convenience of near instant connectivity even in locations where no other communications infrastructure is available. The entire system is ruggedized to support operation in harsh conditions and supports multiple configuration options to suit user needs. The complete system, including the satellite AutoAQYR terminal and antenna, is packed into a single case for transit, and is lightweight enough to be carried by a single user.